Black grass mixture; It is a very old, traditional recipe used in the treatment of support of various diseases before.
Corona virus made on this simple but highly effective recipe on recent clinical research is quite impressive, curious and promising!
Is black seed honey mixture effective for the coronavirus? According to this new research conducted after Covid epidemic, the choron virus patients given honey and black seeds;
The symptoms seen lightened,
The time of abandoning the body of the virus was shortened,
It was observed that he was able to return to the normal lives of the patients using a mixture of donut honey.
It was interest in mortality rates as a result of a much more linker.
The mold mixture of honey was recorded much lower than 1 in 4 compared to those who were not given the mortality rates of the virus patients.
In this clinical work, the choron was worked with medium and heavy patients who were caught in the virus. Patients with multiple organ failure were excluded from this study.
No extra side effects have been detected during the operation process.
How to prepare a mixture of black seed honey? The proportion in this study is as follows:
1 grass of honey per weight and 80 mg of black seeds per weight.
These amounts are calculated daily.
For example;
It was used by mixing 60 grams of honey and 4.8 g of black seed seeds for a 60 -pound patient.
This cure was applied for a total of 13 days. It is recommended to grind the black seed fresh.

Does the black seed and the corona cough cuts? The seeds of black seed fight free radicals. It fights symptoms such as respiratory difficulties and is supported by clinical studies that reduce cough.
Improves lung functions.
Timokinone, which is the basic oil stone of the black seed plant, stands out with its anti -carcinogenic structure. There are clinical studies that reveal that it may be effective against lung, nipple, kidney, liver, skin and prostate cancer.
Honey is increasing all these positive effects of black drill. Previously, it is known for its positive effects on upper respiratory tract infections.
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