Choosing a sunscreen for babies wants some more care than adults.
This article will help you choose the right cream for the sensitive and cottony skin that needs babies’ protection from the sun!
First of all, let’s start with a question that makes the minds:
When should sunscreen be used in infants? Sunscreen used in what month? Slowly, the sunscreen is not recommended by experts to apply sunscreen before the 6th month. This precaution is taken, as the cream can cause various allergic reactions, no matter how natural and unadulte it is.
Baby skin, which is very sensitive before the 6th month, should be protected with clothes, umbrellas and hats. Of course, the sensitive skin of infants should not be exposed to direct sun.
From the 6th month onwards, the most suitable sunscreen for these sensitive skin can be discovered and used.
Let’s come to how to choose the right cream:

How many factors should the sunscreen for babies? It is recommended that the cream to be used for infants will be at least 30 SPF and up to 50 SPFs.
The protection of creams with lower factor will be insufficient for infants. It is known that creams higher than 50 factors have no extra effect while protecting them from the sun.
Since it will create extra chemical loads, creams containing SPFs more than 50 factors are not recommended.

Sunscreen for babies: The best baby sunscreen is the ideal sunscreen for your baby:
It should definitely be UVA and UVB protected.
This means that the cream can protect the baby from the negative effects of the sun.
A cream containing natural and mineral content should be preferred, not chemical content.
Chemical creams can cause negative effects on the sensitive skin of infants. It can trigger allergic reactions.
In addition, paraben, artificial perfume, SLES, sodium lauril sulfate, SLS, alcohol, sodium benzoate, nano particle titanium dioxide, protective, coloring should not contain.
If it is to be used during the summer season, the cream is another important factor to be water resistant.

Can baby sunscreen use adults? Sun creams with cleaner content than creams produced for adults can also be used by them.
With its high protective effect and its structure suitable for sensitive skin, baby sunscreens are also ideal especially for sensitive adult skin.
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