Sage oil or other common name, bitter apple oil is a fragrant and precious oil prepared from the seeds of the plant and sometimes from the leaf parts.
Sage oil, which can be easily selected from the unique refreshing smell and aromatherapy oils, is used for various purposes for various purposes.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] What are the benefits? It reduces stress.
The bitter apple oil, which you can use in the incense or by smelling directly, is at the top of relaxing oils.
It calms and clarifies the mind. It helps you to purify negative emotions such as anxiety and stress.
This is why the sage plant, which has a very strong stress mitigation effect, is among the most widely used natural incense.
It is also supported by scientific studies that sage helps to relax when the smell of essential oil and is effective in lowering blood pressure.
Natural antidepressant.
Scientific studies clearly reveal that this special oil has antidepressant properties.
Even the inhalation of oil allows the reducing cortisol, a stress hormone. And it leads to an antidepressant -like effect in the body.
Naturally consumed sage plant containing sage oil and consuming it is a safe method for taking advantage of the antidepressant effect.
1 pinch or 1-2 branches of sage can be consumed daily by brewing 1-2 branches without escaping.
[Button link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] Buy sage [/button] relieves menopausal complaints.
The component called Sklareol, which is naturally contained in sage oil, mimics the effects of estrogen in the body. With this feature, sage oil may be effective in reducing some symptoms of menopause.
The most common of menopause complaints is applied by massaging bitter apple oil to the soles of the feet to make hot flashes.
Menstrual pains alleviates.
Sage oil helps for women with painful menstrual bleeding and cramps.
For this purpose, it is usually applied to the lower abdomen by gently massage.
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This feature is frequently included in skin care. And it is known to have a place in traditional medicine in wound care.
However, it is recommended to dilute bitter apple oil with another base oil or use it as a very low dose in skin applications.

How to use sage oil? Uncontrolled oral consumption of sage oil is not recommended. Likewise, uncontrolled use in the eye and nose is inconvenient.
Island tea oil is widely used by smelling or on the incense.
The use of the bitter apple added into the water as a room spray is also a wise method. This spray can also be used in bed linen, pillows or clothes cabinets.
Ada tea oil can be included in skin care. Or can be used as massage oil. However, it is necessary to dilute or keep the dose low in skin applications.

Is sage oil good for gas? Using bitter apples for gas complaints in both adults and infants is a very old and traditional method.
In infants, only 1-2 drops of oil is applied by massaging the umbilical region.
In addition, island tea oil is applied to the navel. good
Is sage oil applied to the face? Is it good for acne?
Sage oil on skin blemishes
Yes, this oil is among the fat that can be used in skin care and can be applied to the face.
This oil can be used in skin blemishes and pimples. It is often preferred with other volatile oils and base oils suitable for skin care.
Is sage oil applied to the vagina? It is known that the oil is used for vaginal fungal complaint and is preferred for uterine cleaning. However, for such applications, it is necessary to get an expert opinion before.

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