Paradise Hurmas Kurusu has a flavor that does not appeal to the taste of everyone while the palm of paradise is fresh. This fruit, which has an appearance resembling raw tomatoes when it is fresh, has a completely different flavor when it is dried. While fresh, the shell of this fruit, when dried, honey, such as sweet, soft, delicious or delicious taste. 2 of them meet all your dessert needs, suppressing sweet crises. What are the benefits of Paradise Hurmas? In addition to the taste of this unique dried fruit, the benefits of health are many. It has positive effects on stomach disorders. It is especially recommended that those with gastritis problems consume.
Vitamin C is a store. It is one of the fruits that strengthen the immune system. With this feature, it is recommended that children consume.
Paradise palm has a lowering effect on blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
. This feature is recommended to those who diet and those who often complain about hungry.
Blood -making.
It is a very strong antioxidant.
Fruit of Paradise; It contains vitamins A, C, B1, B1, B2 and B3 and phosphorus, protein, calcium, iron, sodium, cellulose, potassium and magnesium. What is Cocoa Paradise? Paradise palm is a kind of fruit of paradise. This type of palm is darker in color, resembling cocoa. It is larger and softer. The flavor of this species, which is also known as the chocolate paradise palm, is like a lightly chocolate. It is more valuable and delicious than other species. Paradise palm Cocoa paradise palm is not a palm with cocoa or chocolate. The taste of the fruit is referred to by this name because it reminds me of cocoa and the interior is in the color of cocoa. How to hide dried paradise? It is the healthiest to store the dried paradise palm in the refrigerator. But when the palm of paradise enters the refrigerator, it will harden with the effect of the cold, so you can remove your dates from the refrigerator about 1 hour before eating and let them soften at room temperature. Trabzon palm dried, can be stored in room temperature in a glass jar that does not take air. With this method, it is not recommended that you keep a lot of dates for a very long time and a large amount of palm is an ideal method for short -term storage. You should protect your dumps especially from humid. Food vapor etc. Do not expose. Otherwise, your paradise palm will be molded, spoiled and disappeared. This rule actually applies to all dried fruits. How much is the calorie calories of paradise palm? How many calories are 1 dry paradise dates? The average calorie of 1 dried paradise dates is 90 kcal. You can safely obtain 100 %domestic, drug -free production Kaakolu paradise dates at Drunks are dried during the season. It does not contain additional sugar and preservatives. It has a soft and large medium size. [Button Link = “” newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] from our current product and price lists, You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our campaigns and articles and follow our instagram page.