Jasmine tea; It is a light, calming, floral, pleasant flavored herbal tea prepared with dried buds jasmine flowers.
Drinking jasmine tea; It is relaxing, when you smell a huge bouquet of fresh flowers, it gives a similar feeling to that peaceful feeling you experience.
Jasmine tea does not have a painful taste with its simple state. However, since it is not a plant containing sugar, you can choose to sweeten with additional honey. This will taste the taste of your tea!

What are the benefits and damages of Yasemin Stream? Jasmine flower has various positive effects for our body.
The first benefits that come to mind are as follows:
Heart friendly.
Cancer fighter.
It gives the body a feeling of energy and relaxation. It helps to purify stress.
Supports weight loss.
It has immunity strengthening effect.
Skin beautifying herbal teas. It can also be used as a tonic after brewing and cooling.
Support in war with diabetes.
Anti -inflammatory properties.
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What about side effects?
The jasmine plant contains some caffeine. In consumption, this should not be ignored and overdoing.
It can cause sensitivity in the stomach for some people. In such cases, consumption should be terminated.
Consumption of pregnant women is not recommended.
How to make jasmine tea? Materials
2 teaspoons of bud jasmine dried
1Fincan drinking water
Request – honey
Request – milk
Put the water in the stove and remove from the stove just before reaching the boiling point. The water does not need to become completely fun.
https://egepazarindan.com/roooibos-cayi-tadi-nasil-faydalari- nler/ take your buds into a glass of filter, put your cups into your cup. Put your hot water on it and wait for 3 minutes for brewing your tea.
If possible, close the mouth of the glass during brewing. In this way, the bud will give the aroma, color and smell of the jasmine to the water more beautifully.
At the end of the time, strain the buds. Your tea is ready!
You can sweeten your herbal tea with honey or add a small amount of milk and prepare milk jasmine tea.
You can also experience different flavors by blending buds with green tea, black tea or brewing together with bud rose.
Enjoy your meal!

How much should the buds with buds jasmine drink drink a day? It is ideal to drink up to 2 tea cups a day. It should not be excessive, it is a tea containing caffeine.

Does jasmine weaken tea? Jasmine tea edema shooter is a herbal tea that is suitable for diet lists with its long -term toughness. Additional sweetener is a almost calorie drink when honey or milk is not added.
This herbal tea, which has no direct weakening effect, supports weakening when consumed in addition to accurate diet and exercises.
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