Lamb belly mushroom, flavor of the legendary natural, wild mushroom is a kind of mushroom. This mushroom, which grows spontaneously in nature, is clustered in pine forests and trees in the spring. It is also known as Morel or Morchella.
It grows in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea regions. But in every pine forest, lamb mushrooms do not grow. When is the lamb belly mushroom gathering? With the beginning of spring, lamb mushrooms begin to be seen in the forests. The lamb belly is collected until June. During the rains increase, the amount of fungus increases. In the past periods, the amount of fungus decreases.
This special mushroom, which is not very easy to notice in nature due to its color, texture, increases especially after the rain.
Originally a wild species, the lamb grows as agricultural. Lamb belly mushroom cultivation has been popular in recent years. But those who are acceptable, not raised, are mushrooms that grow spontaneously in nature.

How to cook the lamb belly? [Button Link = “
This mushroom reminiscent of red meat, some chefs more delicious than the most delicious meat.
It is common to serve with meat. In addition, saute, roasting, soup or even stuffed is prepared. In the Aegean region, it is very popular with eggs.
The lamb mushroom, which you can use when preparing pasta sauce, adds flavor to the taste of every dish it enters.
The best way to fully taste the lamb in a full, juicy texture is to cook and consume mushrooms for a while in butter.
The flavor of the lamb mushrooms is legendary. But this special mushroom does not only come to the fore with its flavor.

What are the benefits of lamb mushrooms? The benefits of lamb belly mushrooms to human health are also more.
Known as heart and liver friendly lambs, intense B1, B2 and C vitamin, zinc, calcium and potassium content also has the content.
It is blood -making, regulating liver enzymes.

Lambie mushroom nutritional value for 100 g lamb belly mushroom 31.00 kcal calorie value.
It does not contain cholesterol and has very low fat content.
It is rich in calcium, iron and forfor.
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