Under -eye bags may occur due to genetic and environmental factors. Many people from under -eye bags suffer from. If you are experiencing undesirable under -eye bag problems, here are simple precautions and natural solutions that you can easily apply!
What causes a under -eye bag? Genetic causes
Chronic fatigue
Excessive exposure to the sun
Allergies and eczema

How do under -eye bags pass? Cold Compress Application
Cold compress application is common for under -eye bags and bruises. Cold allows the shrinkage of the blood vessels at the bottom of the eye. Thus, the unwanted image decreases significantly in a short time. The cold application often gives better results than expensive creams.
For cold compress application; A variety of materials such as a cloth soaked with cold water, filled vegetables, cooled spoons can be used.
Simply do the cold compress application for a few minutes under your eyes.
Tea Compress Application
Caffeine in tea contains strong antioxidants, which increases blood flow rate on the skin and helps you get rid of under -eye bags.
Green tea or black tea may be preferred for tea compresses. Green tea is slightly more effective than black tea.
Using bags of tea makes your job easier. Break the tea and allow to cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Squeeze the excess water of the completely cooling tea bags and place them under the eyes. Wait for 30 minutes.

How do under -eye bags pass?
How do genetic -eye bags pass?
Use a high pillow!
While lying, try to use as high pillows as possible. High pillow will prevent liquid accumulation on your lower eyelid.
Turn to food rich in collagen and vitamin C!
Collagen and vitamin C -rich foods support the muscles that begin to relax depending on age around the eye and prevent the skin from sagging.
Purple -colored vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables… It will help you with this.
Consume less salt!
Salt holds fluid in the body and can cause swelling throughout the body, including under the eye. Therefore, not overdoing salt consumption is essential to protect from under -eye bags.
For plenty of water!
It is very common for the formation of under -eye bags in dehydrated bodies. Therefore, if you complain about bags, drinking plenty of water will be the simplest but most effective method!
Use sunscreen cream!
Intense and direct sun causes under -eye bags. Before going to the sun, applying sunscreen cream and using sunglasses will also be a good measure for you.
Be sure to take your makeup before going to bed!
All make -up materials applied to the eye have the effect of exhausting the skin and aging over time. For the formation of under -eye bags, the triggering makeup should be cleaned from the skin before going to bed at night.
For under -eye bags, a wide variety of creams are sold on the market for cream detention bags. Even hemorrhoid cream is used for under -eye bags. There are also those who see it as a solution for the vaseline under -eye bag. These creams are in the search, the most effective is the retinol content. Retinol creams should be consulted by a dermatologist before it is used.
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