Migraine and headache are very common complaints in society. The first solution that comes to mind for these complaints is to use quite effective drugs.
How would you like to browse natural methods before applying these drugs? Let’s take a look at what we can do before applying to these painkillers with a high side effects!
People have suffered from headaches and migraine for hundreds of years. And for centuries, they have resorted to a wide variety of natural methods for their complaints. Some of these methods have carried it to the present day, while others have just disappeared.
Natural solutions for migraine and headache acupuncture and acupressure
In the case of headache, acupuncture is one of the first natural methods that come to mind. This method is one of the traditional Chinese medical practices, whose origins have been dating back centuries ago.
It supports that acupuncture has a preventive effect for migraine pain in scientific studies.
Evidence also argues that with the symptomatic treatment of migraine, the acupuncture may reduce the frequency of headache.
The acupressure involves printing with your index fingers to the area between your eyebrows.
You can also experience this simple application yourself:
Rub the point for about one minute with a circular movement. Another acupuncture point is between your index finger and your thumb. Apply a pressure to the base of your thumb for about five seconds. And see if it works!
Cough grass
This shrub has anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight migraine.
It is supported by data that doses of 50 to 150 mg reduce headache symptoms.
Koyungözü daisy
This plant has been seen as a natural remedy for migraine treatment for a long time.
The sheep eye contains parthenolid, a chemical that reduces factors that may cause migraine in the body.
Effective dosage range, 50 to 150 mg. is thought to be between.
Ginger is a special plant that can show the enormous effects of ginger on digestion when it comes to headaches.
Research has shown that ginger consumption (250 mg) has a very close effect on the most widely prescribed migraine drugs on headaches.
For headaches, ginger can be preferred as herbal tea or in capsule form.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/zencefil-toz-100-gr-taze-cekim-yerli-uretime/ //egepazarindan.com/strese-bagli-mide-agriisi- nasil-basa-cikilir/ volatile oils
Aromatic compounds found in many plants have the ability to naturally mitigate headaches and migraine pain.
Lavender, rosemary and mint are the first volatile oils that help to alleviate headaches.
Koenzyim Q10
COQ10 is usually known as a heart -friendly reinforcement. However, several studies have shown that taking COQ10 can also help migraine.
According to a new study of the coenzyme Q10, the intake of the Q10 has shown that in approximately half of people suffering from migraine, migraine attacks reduce the frequency and nausea.
Among the many benefits that can be obtained from this mineral are to get rid of headaches.
Migraine attacks are usually associated with low amounts of magnesium.
The American Migraine Foundation proposes an oral dose of magnesium between 400 to 500 mg per day to prevent migraine.
Chronic dehydration usually brings the chronic headaches in the barber.
It may be possible to prevent and mitigate headaches by drinking about eight or more glasses of water per day and eating water -rich foods.
Electrolytes; Sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium, calcium with electrical charge.
When these minerals are unstable in the body, they usually cause headache and migraine due to dehydration.
Support can be obtained from electrolyte drinks to help prevent and treat headaches and migraine.
Electrolyte drinks that come to mind first; Coconut juice, milk, various fruit juices, specially prepared athlete drinks.
The dog -facing dog pose is just one of the numerous yoga positions that can help alleviate stress, reduce pain and reduce the frequency and density of headaches.
Maintaining yoga practice can help you to alleviate chronic headaches.
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