How to choose melon? How do we understand the sweetest watermelon? These and similar questions are tampered with every summer. We went to the market or grocery store. In summer, we will shop for melon and watermelon from the most cool, most refreshing fruits. So how do we choose the best?
Let’s find a definite answer to this issue!
How to choose melon? To choose the most mature, sweetest and watery melon, we should focus on 5 basic points:
The first point we need to focus is to ensure that there is no significant color change, crush, decay or softening on the outer surface of the melon. Even a slight intervention on the outer surface can adversely affect the maturation of the melon and therefore the taste.
The second important point is the color of melon. A fully mature melon is not bright. It is completely dull. Bright -looking melons are a sign of not fully mature. Don’t let this beautiful bright look cheat on you.
The ideal color of the melon should be in green or white, but pale yellow.
How to choose melon?
Is it heavy enough?
The third issue we will control is the weight of the melon. You can choose a small or large size melon according to your needs.
However, make sure that the melon you receive is heavy compared to the size.
The melon should give a certain degree of heavy, ie a full feel.
How to choose melon?
How to understand by hitting watermelon?
Slapping melon or watermelon is one of the most common selection methods. So what do we try to understand by slapping melon?
When the sound of the ideal melon is hit on the surface, it should give sound as if it were empty. The fact that melon gives a full sound indicates that it is not sweet and juicy enough.
Finally, we can apply a widespread technique: smell of melon!
Gently press the handle with your hand before smelling the melon. This part should be ideally slightly soft.
Especially the smell of a pleasant, sweet melon spreading from this part.
How to choose a beautiful watermelon? When choosing watermelon, we should focus on similar points that we pay attention to when choosing melon.
First, let’s make sure that melon is significantly round or significantly oval. Watermelons in the occasional shape are usually not good enough.

How to understand watermelon? If you care about being dessert, you can choose the round ones, if you care about being juicy, oval ones.
Just like when choosing melon, we should choose a heavy watermelon according to your size when choosing watermelons.
The bright outer surface will also be a sign of being matured for watermelons. Let’s skip the bright watermelons and turn to the matt -colored ones.

The field stain will have a significant jaundice or whiteness depending on the theme of the field at a point on the surface of the watermelon.
This part will give you a very important clue in discovering a mature and juicy watermelon.
If this part on the surface of the watermelon, if it is dark yellow, indicates that the watermelon remains in the field for a long time and matures beautifully.
But if this part is white, it is a sign that melon is harvested early from the field and whether it matures sufficiently sufficiently.
The stains on the surface of the watermelon that look like a pencil with a pen gives an idea about the sugar content of watermelon.
The wider space of these stains occupies watermelon, the higher the high sugar. Therefore, these “scratches” are also known as sugar stains. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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