Leptin hormone is a hormone produced in fat cells.
The task of this hormone is to send signals to inform the brain that it is full and to stop eating.
It also gives the brain signal to start operating metabolism.
The presence of excessive leptin is associated with obesity. When there are too many leptin hormones in blood circulation, leptin sensitivity decreases. Because this prevents the effective flow of surplus lept to the brain.
The result is the slowdown of increasing appetite and metabolic functions.
Leptin hormone -rich foods are not a hormone where we can take directly from leptin foods and add it to our mouth. The leptin hormone cannot be processed in the intestines.
Leptin is produced only in fat tissue. In other words, there is no such thing as leptin -rich foods that will increase the level of leptin in the body.
However, we can talk about foods that can help increase or reduce leptin sensitivity.
Foods that reduce leptin sensitivity are thought to consume excessive carbohydrates and snacks can be the biggest obstacle to reconstructing leptin sensitivity.
In addition to high carbohydrate foods with simple starch such as white flour and potatoes, all high -processed foods containing sugar and high fructose corn syrup cause a decrease in leptin sensitivity.
Too much food and too often eating can cause a decrease in leptin sensitivity.

Foods that increase leptin sensitivity often consume foods that balance leptin levels, help to recreate leptin sensitivity and re -open the signal channels of the leptin to the brain.
It is seen as a good step to consume protein -rich foods for breakfast and to start to reclaim leptin sensitivity.
It is of great importance in increasing fiber -rich foods and green leafy vegetables and fish sensitivity.
In summary, the Leptin diet is to avoid high -sugary foods and consume more fiber foods, stimulate the release of leptin and increase the satiety.
It is of great importance in maintaining a balanced diet, exercising and sleeping as much as necessary.
Some simple diet changes can help reversal leptin resistance and stimulate leptin release.
For example, when you want to snack, it is a good idea to choose fruits, dark chocolate and fermented foods.
Or you can place full grains and legumes more frequently in your diet.
Another thing you can do is to reduce your triglyceride level. An effective way to reduce your triglycerides is to avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates.
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