Tarhun grass; Dragon, Green Gold, Dargun, Tarhana grass, also known as the name of our country is also a sharp flavored, delicious and useful type of plant that grows abundantly.
Tarhun, which grows especially in Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia provinces and used frequently in kitchens in these regions, adds a very pleasant, different taste into the meal and salad it enters. Gaziantep Tarhun is the most common city.
It can be used as a spice after drying and crumbling at other times. Since dry tarragon has a much sharper aroma compared to the fresh, it is added to the food gradually.
Since Tarhun spice is a sharp flavored spice, it is recommended to use it alone, not with other spices.
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Foods made with Tarhun grass
Dry Tarhun; Fish, chicken and meat dishes and soups are particularly worthy. Tarhun, which is added to the lentil soup in dry state, is common in Central Anatolia.
Tarhun grass is added to the mortar while preparing tarhana, and this is the secret of the most delicious Tarhana soups you eat! Tarhun grass is common in the Aegean cuisine.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/tarhun-oti -00-gr/” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now examine [/button] fresh tarhin is used after finely chopped in the omelet.
Fresh Tarhun can be brewed as tea and consumed.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/tarhun-oti -00-G/ It suits chicken dishes very well. Tarhun, which is finely chopped, is sautéed in butter, and a small amount of thinly chopped onions are added. When the onions are pink, the stove is closed and salt is added.
The sauce is poured hot and served over the meat or chicken.

Tarhun Vinegar Tarhun Herb vinegar is a special gourmet product that has found its place in French cuisine. Vinegar with a sharp taste is used in small amounts of dishes. It is prepared with fresh tarragon plant.

Tarhun oil Tarhun essential oil is a preferred aromatic oil in digestive problems. This special oil has anti -viral and antibacterial properties. It is used as massage oil against cramps.

Tarhun syrup or Tarhun sherbet is also consumed as a refreshing beverage by combining this pleasant flavored, healing plant sugar.
The things you need to prepare the beverage of Tarhun are only fresh dargun grass, water and sugar.
It is a plant that does not have the seed seed. However, it grows from the seedlings, it is easy to maintain when the ideal soil is provided. Click for Tarhun grass price. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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