Blind, with a wild leek, plain leek or more local names, is a delicious and wild plant.
Çirişlik root, wild grass, mountain leek, Köremen, Güllik, Gulic grass, guriz are known as the plants.
It is a different species than light leeks.
What is Wild Leek Blind? It is also considered as wild leek or wild garlic. The root is tuberous like garlic.
It is a onion plant from the lily family. It is harvested in winter and spring months and takes its place in the Aegean markets.
Where does Körmen grass grow? Especially the grass, which has an important place in the Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine, is roasted, pastry and dinner.
However, it is a plant known and made in the eastern provinces such as Sivas or Maraş, not only in the Aegean and the Mediterranean.
It can be prepared with egg onions or yogurt. Add to observation, adds flavor to the taste of homemade observations.
In addition to its flavor, it has numerous benefits on health.

What are the benefits of grass? It has menstrual feature. For this, it is consumed by brewing tea.
It has external use in skin problems such as eczema, acne and boils.
Natural painkiller.
It has an effect that increases breast milk.
Strengthens the immune system.
It is used in some regions that break hair.
It has a sexual strength -enhancing effect.

How to cook Körmen grass? Cooked by food like leeks. Additional onion or garlic is not added. 1 tablespoon of bulgur can be added.
Finely chopped and roasted in olive oil and prepared as eggs. Sweiled with plenty of spices. If the egg is not broken, it is served with yogurt.
It can be dried for the year. Dried shed leaves can be brewed as tea. Tea is quite intensely flavored. Raw honey can be added to break this taste.

Wild leeks, is it eaten raw? It can be used in salads without cooking with finely chopped onions. It gives a very nice aroma to the salad.
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