The acid mantle or acid braid of the skin is the acidity film on the epidermis of the skin and plays an important role in our skin barrier function.
What is acid mantle? Acid mantle actually consists of a mixture of natural sebum (oil) and sweat. And skin – body health has much more important functions than predicted.

The ideal pH of the skin of the skin varies between 4.7 and 5.75.
Keeping the pH of your skin in this range helps to keep the acid cover of the skin.
The pH scale is between 0 and 14; 7 is considered neutral. Everything underneath is acidic and everything that has the value on it is alkaline.

What does the acid mantle of the skin do? Protects skin from bacteria. It is the first defense area of ​​the skin.
Helps the development of the microbiome. Fights environmental attackers. And moreover, the robust acid mantle allows good bacteria to do their job better.
Keeps the skin moist. And reduces moisture loss.

How to protect the acid mantle of the skin? The acid sheath of the skin occurs naturally. You do not need to do anything extra to encourage its formation.
However, you can take some precautions to avoid damaging it.
For example, the skin cleaner you use should not excessive cleaning. So it should not give a tense feeling after cleaning your skin.
Excessive intensive washing of the face is also a factor that can be damaging the acid mantle of the skin again.
Choosing the products formulated with pH balancing components is supporting the acid sheath.

What affects the acid mantos of the skin? The acid cover, which is the first defense line of the skin, encounters a large number of potential harmful aggressives.
Extreme and Intensive Skin Care Products
Patients in the air are common factors that adversely affect your acid mantle.

How do I know that the pH balance of the skin is broken? Healthy skin is slightly acidic. This acidic balance deterioration leads to various skin problems. Complaints such as eczema, acne, flaking and spills, wrinkles are common in a skin with impaired pH balance.

How is the pH of the skin measured? PH papers or digital pH meters are used for this process. It is a short -term process. Paper gives rude value, digital meters allow you to get a clearer result.
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