BHT expansion is a synthetic antioxidant that is added to foods to protect the color, smell and aroma in packaged products.
This artificial antioxidant, called BHT, mainly slows the oxidation process and protects the fat in the content of the foods, thus protecting the location of the shelf without a long time intact.
It is known that it is widely added to cereals, frozen ready -made food, gums, alcoholic or non -alcoholic drinks and breads.
What are the BHT BHA losses? This preservative named BHT is usually used with another preservative named BHA. It is known that these two choirs affect the central nervous system and may cause behavioral problems in children. There are also scientific research showing that they disrupt liver and kidney functions.
According to the mouse experiments, these two chemical protective circulation may cause problems of liver, thyroid, kidney and lung problems.
Moreover, these artificial antioxidants, which are associated with the decrease in the number of sperm in men and the increase in the risk of breast cancer in women, are thought to seriously threaten human health.
The simplest and most common effects of these chemicals include joint pain, stomach pain, skin sensitivity, headache, ultikar, sleep problems.
BHT and BHA are also used in foods commonly consumed. For example, breakfast crisp snacks often contain these substances. These packaged snacks; In addition to intense chemicals, heavy sugar load has GMO grain content. However, nutritional values ​​are quite low.
This chemical load heavy substances can also pose a great threat to the development of children.
The best way to avoid consuming harmful chemicals such as BHT or BHA in the list of harmful additives is to be a good label reader. It is necessary to always be cautious against the packaged foods you intend to buy while wandering among the market shelves. It is essential to produce alternatives instead of buying foods containing BHA or BHT.
Instead of packaged foods, it is ideal to turn from local manufacturers to real foods with fresh clean content!
Protectors such as BHA and BHT may also be specified on the package with code. The E320 code BHA and the E321 code belong to the BHT chemical.
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