Amber flower; The plant, known as hybiskus or a rose rose, is himself.
Musk grass and Miski are completely different from amber. It is not a plant produced for its smell.
Flower and aesthetic flowers bloom flowers of the plant are usually red. But of course it is possible to encounter white, yellow, pink, orange hibiskus flowers.
Amber flower, which is from the Hibiscus family, has a wide variety of side and subtypes.
Amber flower is grown as a garden plant for decorative purposes. It is also consumed by brewing for health benefits and flavor.
[Button Link = “ It can be consumed or a great accompanying in tea blends.
Amber will give your tea a natural and pleasant red – pink color. How to grow amber flower? How is it done? A well -drained soil is always ideal for amber who loves plenty of sun.
In the spring, you can choose to pruning the plant when entering the winter for a more lush plant. For pruning, cutting from the top, not from the sides, is recommended.
Amber flower is a perennial plant. However, in very cold weather, leaf is pouring.
It is possible to grow the plant from my seed or seedlings. The ideal times for seed growing are spring months.
The plant usually does not need to be vaccinated.
In general, it is a very easy and effortless ornamental plant to grow. It grows rapidly in a short time. The most fundamental thing in need is to be watered in abundance especially during the summer months.
Remember that the amber flower, which you will grow as a garden plant -especially the fruits of the fruits, are of renable structure.

Where does Amber Flower grow? Mediterranean, subtropical, mild or tropical climate are the favorite types of climatic and easily adapt.

Does the amber flower grow in a pot? Among the large flower pots, it is suitable for growing as a living room plant.
It is recommended to change the flowerpot of the plant every two years and transfer it to one wider.

What are the benefits of amber flower? It is an iron and magnesium -rich plant.
It has a menstrual regulatory effect in women.
It helps to regulate stomach and intestinal activities. Relaxing.
Stimulates milk glands during pregnancy. And thus supports the secretion of prolactin (milk hormone) hormone. This means the increase in breast milk.
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