Ajvar sauce; Eggplant, tomato, hood is prepared with pepper and can be stored for a long time. Usually prepared as winter sauce and vacuumed and bottled. Thus, it is stored for a long time.
Ajvar Sos Macedonia Ajvar is frequently made in the Balkan countries, especially in the kitchens of Balkan immigrants, especially in Macedonian immigrants. This sauce finds plenty of place in recipes.
The word Ajvar is read as “AYVAR ..
It can be prepared painful or painless.
Ajvar sauce what to eat with? Ajvar can be used as a flavor enhancer in hamburger and sandwiches.
In breakfast, it can be served as breakfast sauce.
It can be served to guests as delicious snacks by applying small couches.
Ketchapa can offer a much more nutritious and delicious alternative.
Moreover, you can add this special sauce to your meals. For example, while cooking lentil soup, it is highly recommended to try by adding 1 tablespoon of sauce just before closing!
Ajvar sauce is a product sold on the market shelves. But of course, the most delicious version will be prepared at home with fresh seasonal vegetables.
It is not difficult to prepare Ajvar sauce. You can do more or less according to your need and you can store it for a long time after a jar.
Let’s come to the tariff!

How to Make Ayvar Sauce? Materials
10 medium -sized eggplants
4 large red door pepper
7-8 cloves garlic
1 medium onion
4 medium -sized tomatoes
Salt Pepper Pepper Macedonia AYVAR SAFE is similar to Acukaya, but it is prepared with less tomatoes and much more eggplant than it. It does not contain additional walnuts or tomato paste.
Preparation of
Roast the eggplants and peppers beautifully and peel and clean the shells.
In another pot, roast the onion and garlic in a little olive oil and peel the tomatoes and grate them.
When the onions are roasted, combine the roasted eggplants and peppers with onion garlic and tomato mixture.
Cook over medium heat until the mixture is drained. Add the salt to the mixture, chili peppers.
When completely pulled the water, close the stove, pass the mixture through the blender and hot hot in the glass jars you have already sterilized.
Close the bottles with 3 further 1 back technique. Then boil for a short time in a pot to vacuum the bottled Ajvar sauces.
Enjoy your meal.
What is the difference in Ajvar Lutenitsa? Luetenitsa is another souvenir of the Balkans. These two sauces are quite similar. The differences are that Luetenitsan contains carrots and fenugreek spices. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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