How to make Aronia jam? WHAT TO DO FROM ARONYA? How to consume Aronia? The fruit of Aronia is very suitable for consumption by processing due to its tannic structure, especially when it is fresh. ARONYA JAM, ARONYA, Marmalade, ARONYA WATER, ARONYA VİNİK… These are the recipes of health stores that come to mind and can be easily applied at home.
[Button Link = “ It is quite practical because it does not have seeds when removing. In the recipe we will apply, the fruits will not be completely solidified as they will not be exposed to very high temperatures. The reason for this is to prevent the fruit from losing its healing. However, it is up to you to open the bottom of the stove for a more intense consistency.
The unique aroma of Aronia is not dominant. This taste, which is not as ambitious as raspberries or blackberries, can support with by -products such as oranges, cloves, ginger, lemon.
Let’s come to the tariff!
Easy Arona Jam Recipe 4 Cups Fresh Arona Fruit
Clean water to pass on the fruits
Powdered sugar up to 350 grams of sugar -asmer sugar can also be preferred, the amount of sugar can be increased and reduced according to the taste of the palate-
1 pinch of rock salt
1 tablespoon of fruit pectin -according to my name-
1.5 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon of powder ginger -depending on it-
Half lemon peel grated -depending on it-
Half orange peel grated -depending on the time-
Preparation of
Put the Aronian fruits, ginger and citrus shells in a deep pot. Add enough water to pass. And boil the entire mixture as much as a stone. Pass the boiling mixture through a kitchen processor.
If you want a smoother consistency, you can pass the fruits through a sieve.
After this process, put the fruits back in a large pot. Add sugar and a small amount of salt to the pot.
Cook the sugar over medium heat up to completely melting. When it reaches the boiling point, boil the mixture for 2 minutes and close the bottom.
After closing the stove, add the lemon juice, mix and jar your jam hot.
At this point, you may prefer to boil the bottles or turn them upside down.
At the end of all operations, store your fully cooled Aronia jams in the refrigerator or freeze it by throwing it into the freezer.
You can serve your jam as a breakfast and use it in tart -like recipes. Jam toasts and waffles are also one of the other fun methods to evaluate your jam.
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