Starch halva; Although it is not as popular as flour halva or semolina halva, it is a recipe from Anatolian cuisine as delicious as they are.
Erzurum starch dessert, bead halva, click halva, starch palizası, tenem halva, soap, crushing halva, hasuda, starch pelezesi, sand halva, thesis, full halva, pleasant, paste, palza, haside, reşadiye, pesude The said recipe has an important and old place not only in Erzurum but also in a wide range of local cuisine.
The most beautiful house of starch halva is made with the wheat that you have removed from yourself. Unfortunately, most of the recipe with ready -made market starch does not hold. However, finding homemade starchs is now very difficult. In this case, the old -style starchs sold in the open will see your need.
Let’s come to our recipe!
Starch halva recipe
Starch dessert
Half a cup of oil
2 spoonful butter
One and a half cups of starch
A cup of powdered sugar
A little drinking water
A little pine nuts or broken ground peanuts -depending on the name-
Preparation of
Put half a cup of oil in a deep pan and hot.
Dilute one and a half cup of wheat starch in another container with some water. But don’t use too much water. The mixture should not be too smooth.
Then add the starch you diluted beautifully to the hot oil. Then put a glass of sugar in the pan without wasting time.
Cook the halva by stirring continuously. Starch lumps and close the stove when the smell comes out.
Take it from the stove for cooling and let it rest.
After completely cool, take it back to the stove and mix continuously.
Remove your clumping clip from the stove. Decorate the pine with peanuts or broken peanuts and serve hot.
Enjoy your meal.
You can also prepare the recipe with milk instead of water. In that way, the name will be a milk starch halva. Or you can change the sugar you use with molasses. This will be a recipe for molasses halva.
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