Mürüsafi; Mürürsafi is a natural tree resin known as Mürsafi, Mirra, Mirha, Mürrrh, Myrrh, even Mürrh.
It is a special gum obtained from the trees of the Commiphora breeding area limited to North Africa and the Middle East.
Mur gum, which has a unique dessert and smoke aroma, has a wide range of use. Mür oil is at least as a healing essential oil as the murmur gum itself. PELESENK OIL is another name.
What are the benefits of murrusafi? Mürrüsafi scientists are among the resins that attracted a lot of attention and has been researched. There are also various scientific articles showing positive effects on health.
According to these articles; It strengthens immune defense mechanisms with high antioxidant values.
Moreover, it has a protective effect against oxidative damage. It has a neutralizing effect on damage.
There are findings that reveal that extracts and compounds obtained from the murrising may be effective against gynecological cancer cells.
There are findings showing that the treatment of inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Currently, the mural resin and the mural is a herbal product used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases for many years in Asian countries.
Gingival diseases are also included in the content of various toothpastes on the market due to a positive effect on tooth extraction, dental bleeding and pain.
oil; cough asthma indigestion ulcer sore throat hemorrhoids It is also known for complaints such as joint pain. now buy
Mürsafi honey mixture is commonly mixed with honey for complaints such as sore throat, cough and indigestion.
It is possible to prepare the mixture by mixing with raw honey and mixed with raw honey.

Mür oil is a very special essential oil used with base oils, especially to reduce skin deformations, wrinkles and sagging.

How to Use Mürsafi? It is used by swallowing, powdered and preparing paste.
Mürsafi oil is suitable for use in incense, diffuser. It has therapeutic effects. It is fragrant. It is strengthening and activating.
Oil is also included in the skin care routines by adding 1-2 drops into a base oil.

Myrrh resin incense Myrrh resin is also burned as incense. It is common to smoke in a pan or smoke or by putting a few resin on coal and burning it.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/mur-recinesi-50-gr-mursafi/” color = “red” Newwindow = “Yes”] No, it is a tree resin in both products. But these two resin are resins of two different trees.
Mürrüsafi resin mural plant is guggul. In other words, the tree where the mural resin is obtained is the Guggul tree.
Where does the Mür Tree grow? Guggul is a dwarf and prickly tree species. It is common in the Arabian peninsula and in some African countries such as Somalia, Yemen and Ethiopia.
The contradiction is the resin obtained from the other name of the Anatolian Sığıtla tree and the contradictory tree.
Akgünlük is an endemic species and is a special tree that grows in and around Köyceğiz.
Mür is often darker in color than the contractor.
The tissues and odors of these two resin are similar. In addition, the usage areas and effects are very close.
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