Eggplant Pickle Recipe is a very special taste that everyone admired, the palate cracking!
Blind eggplants, plenty of garlic, red hot pepper and a little parsley … This comes together in a very special pickle recipe!
Salamura eggplant draws the flavor of hot pepper and garlic like a sponge and a unique flavor emerges!
Pickled eggplant pickles, which can also be considered as stuffed eggplant, is particularly worthy of kebabs and stews.
Eggplant pickled is a flavor that finds its place in European cuisine, especially in Italian cuisine. Unlike our recipe, the Italian Eggplant Pickled Eggplant is prepared with additional olive oil. In addition to olive oil in Italian eggplant pickles, various spices are used. The most widely used spices in the recipe are mint and thyme.
Eggplant Pickle Recipe (Boiling Eggplant Pickle) Let’s come to the details of our pickle:
One of the tricks of this pickle is the size of the eggplants. Eggplants should be chosen from the freshest ones.
Carefully selected 3-4 pieces of eggplants are cut by cutting the stalks.
The eggplants who are washed well and separated from their stems are split as if they make cauliflower and the middle parts with meat are removed.
Eggplant pickled is a pickle prepared by pre -cooking, unlike most vegetables.
At this stage, the eggplants are taken into a mid -sized pot and boiled for 25 minutes over 25 minutes after the water is added to pass over the eggplants.
Don’t forget to throw half a teaspoon of rock salt in the pot during boiling!
When the eggplants are softened and filling, the stove is closed and the eggplants are filtered.
4-5 medium-sized garlic and 2-3 small bitter red pepper, half a bunch of parsley and half teaspoon of rock salt are blended for the mortar of the eggplants.
The stems of the parsley are separated to bind the eggplants.
The mortar is filled when the eggplants taken from the stove are completely cooled and the eggplants are beautifully connected to the filled with parsley stems.
The eggplants are ready, it’s time for the brine!
For boiled eggplant pickled salamura:
1 cup of white vinegar
1 cup of drinking water
Half a tablespoon of powdered sugar
We will use half a tablespoon of rock salt.
Since the brine will be added to the pickles, the brine is taken to the furnace and mixed until sugar and salt melts.
Salamura is poured over the eggplants lined up carefully to glass jars. The lids are closed and the pickles are removed to a place that does not take direct sun to rest for 2 weeks.
After the pickle is opened, it should be stored in the refrigerator.

The tips of the eggplant pickle can choose toothpicks if you have difficulty tieing eggplants with parsley.
Hot pepper and sugar can be excluded if it does not fit your taste.
After the jars are opened, the kitchen should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 1 month.
Enjoy your meal!
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