Raspberry leaf tea is a vegetable tea prepared fresh or dried from the leaves of the red raspberry fruit.
The fruit is sweet and nutritious. It grows naturally as a wild species in our country and in various parts of Europe and Asia.
The leaves of this wild plant are healing as well as the sweet fruits. The leaves are valuable due to their healing rather than their flavor.
The use of these leaves is especially common during pregnancy. Let’s examine the red raspberry leaf, the red raspberry leaf tea prepared with these leaves more closely!
What are the benefits of red raspberries? It has many positive effects on both pregnant and non -pregnant women’s health. Because of this feature, the other name of the plant is female grass.
It helps to tighten the muscles in the pelvic region. And it has the effect of reducing the menstrual cramps caused by the spasms of these muscles.
It helps to alleviate pre -menstrual PMS symptoms such as cramps, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.
Leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron contains minerals.
Moreover, red raspberry leaves contain elagic acid that neutralizes carcinogens and even allows cancer cells to self -destruction.
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Raspberry Leaf Tea The use of red raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy is a herbal tea used from the 6th month of pregnancy. However, some pregnant women use raspberry leaf tea for nausea and vomiting in the first three months.
Raspberry leaf tea provides strengthening uterus during pregnancy and prevents excessive bleeding after birth. And it stands out especially with its positive effect on facilitating birth and shortening birth time.
Research also shows that the use of raspberry leaves during pregnancy may reduce birth complications.
According to research, the most suitable time to use red raspberry leaves during pregnancy is the 32nd week of pregnancy.
Daily safe dose is 2. 4 g. And when this ratio is calculated as tea, it corresponds to a maximum of 3 tea cups on a daily basis.
Red raspberry leaf tea side effects are safe for most people, this plant, some people are diarrhea. The raspberry leaf, which may have a natural laxative effect, also has a slightly increasing effect on urination. In case of staining during pregnancy or Braxton Hicks contractions, it is necessary to end its use. Be sure to consult your doctor before you start using this tea. https://egepazarindan.com/hamilelikte-uyku-pozisu-nasil-olmali/ You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page. Check out our other blog posts! Wild thyme Inner picker walnut tahin Sesame Paste [/Button] [Button Link =” https://egepazarindan.com/buhur/ “Newwindow =” Yes “] Daily Depression [/Button] [Button Link =” https://egepazarindan.com/ Energy-Cleanism/”Newwindow =” Yes “] Energy Cleaning [/Button] [Button Link =” https://egepazarindan.com/cig-susam/ “Color =” Teal “Newwindow =” Yes “] button] Centaury Oil [/Button] [Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/adacayi-demet/” Newwindow = “Yes”] Sage