Walnut leaf, intensely for toxic shooter effects; Since it shows hair and skin more lively, it appears as a natural solution used externally.
The benefits of the fruits of the walnut tree for our health are the number of benefits. These benefits are known to almost everyone. Are we aware of the healing of the leaves of the walnut tree?
What are the benefits? The tannins contained in walnut leaves have the skin tissue tightening effect. In addition, it helps to reduce skin sensitivity, itching. And naturally anti -inflammation.
Leaves for eczema; It is recently encountered as a popular treatment for slightly eczema and excessive sweating of hands and feet.
Especially in France, it is known that the leaves are used by applying to the sunburn and scalp peeled and scattered due to dandruff.
According to the researchers, walnut leaves also have bacterial lethal, parasitic preventive and insect repellent properties.
In fact, the use of walnut leaf for various purposes with traditional recipes is very old.
For example, in Central European villages, these leaves are one of the most commonly used traditional solutions to expel insects and treat parasitic infections in the skin.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/ceviz-yapragi-50-50-gr-yayla-cevizi/ When to gather? It is easy to dry the leaves. In a place where there is no direct sun, the leaves should be laid in such a way that they do not touch each other. It would be good to occasionally flat the leaves that will dry in a short time.
Leaves can be collected for summer months.
How to use walnut leaf? So how to use these dried leaves.
Leaves are usually used by brewing. To obtain a higher flavored tea, the leaves are crumbled before brewing.
The brewed walnut leaves are completely cooled and used on the hair and on the skin.
This water can be added to the bath water or used as the last rinse water of the hair.
Walnut leaf and olive oil can be used to make hair look brighter and more vivid together, reduce shedding and make the hair grow faster.
Walnut leaf and olive oil mixture is prepared by brewing the leaves in oil.
The leaves are crushed well and chopped into a jar and then filled with olive oil.
The mixture is left to rest for 20 – 25 days in a place that receives directly sun.
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Is walnut leaf poisonous? What are the walnut leaf damages? The leaves are not poisonous.
A drug where the leaves are interactive is not included in the literature.
However, in some people, leaves can cause an allergic reaction.
In particular, it is recommended that the stomach sensitive people be careful in use of the leaves.
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