Rose water is a self -water that you can use in a wide variety of enchanted with its pleasant smell.
Rose water is a unique skin tonic. As a hair perfume, it can be used after sun skin soothing or for removing stains from linen fabrics.
“What can be done from the rose?” or “What to do from dried rose petals?” If you think of questions like this article is for you! How to make Gülsuyu to drink? The rose water you will obtain with the methods we will give is a edible, drinkable product and can be used safely in the kitchen. It is a pleasant aroma to your desserts.
Rose water making is not as difficult to obtain this versatile natural product from scratch. There are two different methods you can use.
Boiling method
This method is the easiest, fastest method. It can be easily prepared in the home environment. Dried or fresh rose petals can be used.
However, the shelf life of the rose water you will obtain with this method will be very short.
If you need a small amount of rose water and you will use it immediately, this method will do your job.
The water you get is pleasant and intense fragrant, the color of the roses you use.
Distillation method
The distillation method is a more professional method. The rose water you will get is completely clear and long -lasting.
Although this method takes some time, it is not difficult.
No matter which method you use, there are several small tricks of making rose water.
If you are lucky enough to collect rose petals, it is recommended to pay attention to timing. The roses should be collected at the earliest hours of the day and the process should be passed without waiting. The smell of roses will be the most intense in the early hours of the sun.
If you are going to buy roses, you should make sure you use roses that do not contain pesticide you know. Otherwise, your rose water is very damaging than healing.
If you are going to use dried roses, you should also prefer chemical -free. Roses must be edible!
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Making Gülsuyu at home boiling method
Half a cup of dried rose (or 1 cup of fresh rose)
Two and a half cups of drinking water
Boil rose petals and water at the lowest temperature in a small pot. Continue the process until the color of the rose petals fades.
During the process, the lid of the pot is closed. This process takes up to 8-10 minutes.
At the end of the boiling, close the stove and open the lid of the pot and let the water cool.
Strain the leaves and bottle your water. It is ideal for your bottle to be dark.

Distillation Method One and a half cups of dried roses (or 4 glasses of fresh roses)
Place a brick or a large flat stone in a large pot. Put a metal bowl on the brick. Fever resistant glass bowl can also be preferred.
Sprinkle the rose petals around the brick, make sure they do not enter the bowl.
Fill the pot with water until it passes over the brick.
Turn up the lid of the pot and close.
Put some ice on the outer part of the lid you turned upside down. It will accelerate the ice distillation process.
Open the stove over low heat and let the water boil.
The particles will be filled with your bowl in this process. This is your precious rose water.
Continue this process for 30 minutes.
At the end of the procedure, open the lid without allowing melting ice water to enter the saucepan and rest for the completely cooling of rose water.
There are various methods such as making rose water in the sun and lemon salt and rose water making. However, it is not recommended because the construction of the sun takes a long time and the construction with lemon salt is not a healthy enough method.
How to store homemade rose water? The life of the rose water you obtain with the boiling method is about 2 weeks. Water must be stored in the refrigerator. The mouth should be closed and the sun should not see.
You can store your rose water for 6 months with distillation method. Distillation rose water must also be stored in the refrigerator.
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