Henna detox is usually made to remove toxic substances and edema accumulated over time in the body.
What are the benefits of burning henna under the feet? In addition, this simple but effective application is thought to increase circulation in the body, reduce chronic fatigue complaints and will be good for lymphatic blockages.
Henna detox, which is believed to show its quick effects, can also be applied in complaints such as calcification, acne, foot and leg pain and continuous hand and foot coldness.
So how is henna detox applied?

How to make henna detox? This detox application is very low and simple.
Things you need: A little henna, clean water and a little real homemade vinegar.
Vinegar is generally preferred as apple cider vinegar because of its mild and uncomfortable smell. But grapes or other natural mackets can also be used safely in this application.
Preparation of vinegar henna recipe
3 – 4 tablespoons of natural and newly dated henna
8 – 10 tablespoons of natural homemade vinegar
2 tablespoons clean water is mixed well in a deep container.
The mixture should not be too liquid and should be easily applied.

How is henna detox applied? The prepared mixture is applied on both feet so that there is no gap to the base. The application is also applied between the fingers. Henna is usually not applied to the upper part of the foot. But on request, all standing can be covered with henna. This will not be a problem.
After the henna is applied to the whole base and between the fingers, there is no need to keep the area closed. Henna can be allowed to dry.
In this way, the henna is expected to dry for 2 hours. The time can be kept slightly longer.
When the henna is dry, the feet are rinsed by massaging lightly with warm water.
It is not recommended to keep the henna in the body for very long periods (such as 8-10 hours). Such long -term applications can be more damaging than the benefit of the person.
If your skin is too sensitive, it is recommended to reduce the amount of vinegar when preparing the mixture and increase the amount of water.
The quality of the materials used is important for the application to be effective and not to harm you. Henna should not be stale and an old dated. Water drinking water and vinegar should also be homemade natural vinegar.
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