Honey Jelly is a very simple recipe that has gained popularity on various social media platforms with honey -fledged honey.
This recipe, which has become popular with its cool structure and extraordinary appearance, finds a response in our country and in the world with names such as honey jelly, frozen honey, honey jelly, frozen honey jelly.
Frozen Honey Jelly Recipe Simple Recipe only honey is used. Honey is filled into a plastic bottle. A disposable water bottle can be used for this. Or if the purchased honey can be sent directly to the freezer in the plastic bottle.
Glass bottles should not be used for this process.
The bottle full of honey is thrown into the freezer. There is no definite time for frozen honey to be ready. Honey can be kept in the freezer from 1 hour to 24 hours.
Depending on this period, the structure and texture of honey receives various consistency. In short -term waiting, it gets a consistency of jelly, and if it waits longer, it gets a solid licking sugar consistency.
It is not difficult to get out of the bottle when the honey in the bottle comes out of the freezer.
After removing the bottle, hitting the counter several times makes your job easier.
With a slippery and sweet structure, you will easily come out of the mouth of the bottle with squeezing the honey bottle.
Although it is nice to prepare frozen honey, it is very simple, but it is of course possible to diversify and enrich this recipe.
For example, the honey to be thrown into the freezer can be prepared by adding additional espresso and milk and frozen honey.
Or by giving honey color with various natural food colorants, this current can be made even more fun.

Is honey jelly harmful? This fun current is popular among young people. There are Challengelar aiming to finish the entire bottle. Of course, it is not possible to eat a bottle of honey. Even trying it can be very dangerous.
Even though it doesn’t harm you to taste frozen honey, it can bring complaints such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea.
In addition, the Honey Jelly stream is too much and repeating it frequently can damage your teeth. Tooth enamel may be damaged and damaged tooth fillings.
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