Samsa Pastry is a kind of pastry with a variety of geographies. Central Asia is also known as “Samosa ..
Albanian Samsa, Turkmen Samsa, Özbek Samsa and Kazakhstan Samsa recipes are known in Turkey.
However, Samsa is in the Asian cuisine in India, Pakistan, Nepal, northern and East African countries in the world; It is even a widely consumed recipe in Portugal.
The first feature that distinguishes Sam from other pastries is its appearance. The Samsa pastry is folded as a triangle in the form of amulets.
Pastry varies according to the country where it is built or even the region. In some kitchens, it is served with yogurt, and in some kitchens, the upper face is completely thirsty.
The Samsa pastry is widely served in a crispy, chopped form. The inside is with plenty of materials, damp, soft.
Optionally, it is thrown into the oil and cooked or applied to the oven.
Fine chopped lamb meat is preferred as a filling material of Uzbek Samsan.
The dough is necessarily opened with the rolling pin.
Let’s come to the tariff!
We will share with you a Samsa recipe with the form that it is widely made in Uzbek cuisine. This recipe can be changed according to your taste or expanded by inspiring the samsas of other kitchens.
Özbek Samsa Recipe: Original Samsa Pastry Recipe Ingredients
For the dough
2 cups of white flour
1 cup warm clean water
1 pinch of salt
Melted 4 tablespoons of butter -Sade oil (Ghee) would be better if preferred-
For internal filling
Half kg finely chopped fat lamb meat
2 medium onion -inin chopped-
2-3 pinch of salt
1 pinch of powder black pepper
Half teaspoon powder cumin
Preparation of
Mix the dough ingredients in a large container and knead for a while.
When all the ingredients mix and get a non -stick dough, let the dough rest up to 30 minutes.
We do not put butter at this point in the dough mortar!
Let’s prepare the Samsa inner fill!
Chop the onions very finely and blend finely chopped lamb meat and all the spices thoroughly. We will add the ingredients from raw
After resting the dough…
After resting the dough, open a thin dough with a rolling pin with a rolling pin.
Spread the butter that is completely melted to the dough you opened.
Then fold the dough beautifully and divide it into 18 – 19 pieces.
Expand the small pieces you divided by small hands, add the mortar and fold the edges.
Apply egg yolk to the upper faces and silence a little or sprinkle with a black seed.
Apply Samsa Pastries in the preheated 200 degree oven.
Cook until the pastries are golden color. Serve hot.
Enjoy your meal!
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