Ponytail grass or Kırkkilite grass is one of the healing herbs that grow spontaneously in nature.
Latin Name: Equisetum Arvense
This plant has external and internal use.
Forty lock weed porridge or tea are the most common forms of the plant.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/kirkkilit-otu-at-kuyrugu-50-gr/” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] where the ponyta grows? In which area does it grow? It grows widely in coastal areas and in high moisture areas. It is common in provinces such as Muğla and Mersin.
But the growing area is not limited to the Aegean and the Mediterranean. In the inner parts, fortyrite grass grows naturally in almost every region.

How to brew ponytail grass? A pinch of grass is enough for 1 cup of tea. The thorny leaves and body of the plant are used in tea making.
1 pinch of hot water is poured on fresh or dry forty grass and waited for 5-6 minutes to brew.
When brewed, it is filtered and consumed as warm.
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How to Make Kırkkilite Herbs? Forty lock grass is usually prepared as lapa in use. The lapa is wrapped in the area and the application is made.
For lapa, the plant is grinded finely like tea, filtered and cooled like tea. Slightly wet leaves of porridge consistency is used.
Rheumatic pain is wrapped in the area where joint pain is with the help of a gauze semi -wet plant.
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Kırkkilite grass ponytail grass is used with a wide variety of complaints for urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections are also one of the complaints.
Ponytail grass is usually consumed by brewing tea with complaints such as burning and itching while urinating.
It is also thought to be effective for urinary incontinence complaints.
Be sure to consult your doctor before starting using ponytail grass in an internal.

Does ponytail oil extend hair? Btikine has hair removing, hair removing hair. In fact, one of the reasons why it is called ponytail is the positive effects on hair.
For hair, it is often used by brewing like tea and rinsing cold.

Ponytail grass, the other common name of the plant is forty lock grass. It also passes in some places as a cattle tail, but the cattle tail is the name of a completely different plant from the ponytail.
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