Golden strawberry is a fruit rich in vitamin C, which grows as wild and agricultural. The fruit that stands out with its immune strengthening feature is also rich in vitamin K and beta carotene.
Is the golden strawberry poisonous? However, the unconscious collection and consumption of the fruit is not recommended. The reason for this is that the fruits are very poisonous when raw state. The exact ripening fruits are safe and suitable for consumption.

What are the benefits of fresh gold strawberries? Fully mature strawberries are delicious and useful. They can be consumed in dried state or eaten freshly.
Gold strawberry, which is an enormous fruit for brain health, is thought to promise hope in protection from type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

How much should the golden strawberry be eaten? It would be appropriate to consume strawberries as much as a portion on a daily basis. There are an average of 4-5 golds in a portion.
The average calorie value of one serving of strawberries is 60 calories.

How to grow Gold Strawberry? Bostan is an annual fruit grown like vegetables. Growing is similar to tomato, pepper cultivation.
If 1 seedling is efficient, it gives about 2-3 kilos of strawberries in the season.

When to Eat Golden Berry? The plant is harvested more than once a year. The first harvest is made in the middle of summer and harvests at various times until the middle of winter.
And one of the most curious questions:

How to dried golden strawberries? Various methods may be preferred for drying.
The first method is to prefer food dryers or home -type oven specially produced for this job.
Choose completely mature strawberries. The fruits that are too matured and softened, not yet fully mature and beret, harvested should not be dried.
Make sure you completely cleaned the stems and leaves of strawberries. Wash the fruits well.
Place the fruits not to touch the trays and dry them slowly on the dryer set to 70 degrees. If you are going to dry the oven to the lowest temperature of the oven.
It will take up to 3 hours at 70 degrees in the dryer. This time in the oven may be a little more.
Don’t forget to check your fruits from time to time. Fully dried strawberries will shrink and get a prune or raisin -like appearance.
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Gold Strawberry Drying in the Sun
Depending on seasonal conditions, drying in the sun can also be preferred. However, this method may not be suitable for humid areas and seasons.
Wash the fruits before drying. And be sure to separate and destroy the moldy, beret ones.
You can also dry very large strawberries by dividing them into two.
Place the fruits on large trays or clean cheesecloths for drying so that they do not touch each other.
Do not use aluminum foil and similar materials during drying. This fruit will have a disruptive effect of its own acid balance.
Fruits can be covered with thin cheesecloths to protect from pests such as insects and insects. However, the cloths used should not be thick and frequently textured to prevent the air and the sun.
Fruits should not be exposed to rain. This causes mold.
Drying is airy, if possible in a sunny area, if possible. In this way, your drying process will take up to 2-3 days.
How to hide? Finally, you can store strawberries that are completely dry in cotton pouches. You can store it in a place that does not receive sun, cellar or in the refrigerator.
Fruits can also be thrown into the freezer for a longer storage.
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