Yarmez is a pleasant flavored plant with a fragrance, also known as wild mint. This pleasant flavored, healing plant is easily grown spontaneously in the Aegean and Mediterranean region.
It is also known as water mint, filigin, Püluskün and Narpuz. Gives calmness. It facilitates digestion when drinking after the meal.

What are the benefits of Yarmez? Yarmez is a plant that has entered the kitchens in Anatolia for both its flavor and healing.
It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Infection is preventive.
It is preferred in urinary tract infections.
Spasm is relieving, digestive facilitator.
The flu is relaxing in the flu. It opens the breath. It has expectorant effect.
Cleans blood.
It makes edema throws. It relieves bloating. Helps to lose weight.
It is a heart and stomach -friendly plant.
It is calming. Provides comfortable sleep.
Menstrual arrangement and menstrual.
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Yarpuz: Natural Fly Repeller Yarpuz is frequently used to remove flies in the areas where it grows. When boiling and cooling fresh or dry yarpuz grass, the flies will move away when squeezed to your skin. In addition, Yarpuza juice spray can be used in order to receive itching due to fly bites.

How to dried Yarmez? Yarpuz has a pleasant looking flower in the color. To make drying, you need to collect the plant before these flowers come out. The collected cocks are dried in the shade. You can dry it by hanging it or spreading it into a tray. Fully drying herbs; It can be consumed by crumbling, garbage is extracted and brewing as a spice throughout the year or brewing like tea.

Yarpuz and pregnancy yarpuz grass have effects to risk pregnancy. Therefore, the consumption of pregnant women is not recommended. Likewise, the use of breastfeeding women and children is not recommended. People with kidney discomfort should also avoid using this grass.
Yarpuz may have undesirable dangerous consequences such as nausea, eye darkening, dizziness. It should not be overcome in consumption.
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