Shea Oil Eye Cream Recipe is ideal for those who suffer from tired gaze, bruises under the eye, wrinkles around the eye.
A recipe that is completely free of toxic substances will be prepared for you!
Most eye circumference cream offers a filter effect and aims to look good for a short time. Shortly narrowing the blood vessels is what these creams do exactly.
In addition, these creams do not have any therapeutic effects for the skin, so if you look good on the surface, there is not much that goes deep in the skin. nay-good-go-go-go-gelir/ Shea Oil What are the Benefits of Skin? Is Karite Oil Suitable for the Eye Circle? How to use Shea Oil for eye circumference?
Unlike these creams, shea oil offers a therapeutic effect in the long run. It provides in -depth care with its anti -inflammatory components and natural vitamins.
Shea oil is also known as karite oil. [Button Link = “ Shea oil, which has a very strong moisturizing direction, is waterproof. Water -based creams are not suitable for under -eye use. At first, they provide a pleasant feeling of humidity and soon they bring the skin to a dry form than before.
Shea oil also supports collagen production. This means decreasing aging effects on the skin and tightening of the skin.
It is also rich in vitamins A and E. Nourishes the skin, reduces bloating, opens wrinkles, and can completely eliminate tired expression in long -term use.
Coconut oil that we will use in the recipe increases blood circulation and gives flexibility to the skin, Rosehip oil fights with symptoms of aging, supports the balance of moisture balance.
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Shea Oil Eye Crime Cream Recipe Ingredients
2 tablespoons shea oil
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 teaspoon of rosehip oil
1 teaspoon of honey candle
Preparation of Shea oil, coconut oil and honey candle melted in a low heat melt. When the oils completely melted and blend beautifully, quickly extinguish the stove and transfer the ingredients into a glass jar. After the mixture is warm, add the rosehip oil. The eye area cream is ready!
It is recommended that you use this oil as a night cream. You can use very small amounts of eye around, under eyebrow and under the eye. Avoid contact with direct eye.
[Button Link = “ Does Shea Oil Perform Following? There is no data proving that this oil has a hair growth effect. However, some users have made complaints in this direction for long -term use. Therefore, it is recommended to use the cream intermittently. This effect is not a problem that everyone will face. Does Shea Oil make you gain weight? Shea oil, which is an oil that has recently requested fullness in the face area, has no such effect. It is not possible to apply this oil to the skin by applying it to the face. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informational articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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