Crohn’s disease is a kind of inflammatory bowel disease.
There is no treatment for exactly why this disease is caused by exactly and that gives definitive results. Therefore, detailed research on the disease continues to be done by experts.
Crohn, the most common organs are the small intestine and column. But it is not limited to these organs.
What causes Crohn’s disease? It is not certain what causes the disease. However, in some groups, the incidence is higher.
Especially the patient’s age and smoking is an effective factor in cases.

What are the symptoms of Crohn’s disease? Symptoms of the disease usually develop slowly. Sudden development and aggravation of symptoms is rare.
The earliest symptoms of the disease are:
Blood in feces
loss of appetite
And weight loss are common symptoms.

Crohn’s disease nutrition
Crohn’s disease diet
A diet plan that works for a person with disease may not work for someone else. This is because the disease affects different organs in different people. Moreover, the consumption of some nutrients is triggering in some patients.
It is wise to follow your symptoms when adding or removing certain foods to your diet and keeping a diet diary if possible.
Life changes and nutritional changes may affect the course of the disease and even violent.
Especially regulation of fiber intake
Regulation of oil intake
Limitation of lactose intake
And increasing water consumption are among the basic nutritional changes made for the Crohn diet.
In addition to nutrition changes, the use of various food supplements, prebiotics and probiotics is also common.
In summary, it is essential to get support and suggestion from a specialist in nutritional changes and supplements.
Crohn surgery is the last remedy for this disease.
As a result, when the drugs are no longer working or the disorders become too severe to be treated, the surgery is decided with the doctor’s opinion.
The procedure in surgery is to sew the healthy intestine together to remove the damaged intestine and to reorganize the intestines.

In children, Crohn’s disease often receives its first diagnosis for this disease in its 20s and 30s. But there are rarely child patients.
Crohn, which is untreated in children, may result in growth retardation and slimming of bones.
This article is not definitely recommended. And only to give information. Consult your nearest health institution and doctor for all your health complaints.
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