Hiccups can be very annoying when it lasts long. Fortunately, it is mostly short -lived. But hiccups may be a very frequent problem in some people. In some cases, your hiccup continues for a while beyond the estimates. This type of hiccup is called permanent hiccups. Permanent hiccups are longer than 48 hours.
Hiccup is simply a reflex. Sudden contraction of the diaphragm occurs when the chest and abdominal muscles tremor. Then the part of the vocal cords closes. This is the emergence of the noise of the air thrown out of the lungs.
Causes hiccups? The most common reason is to eat more food.
Excitement and extremely intense stress,
Being exposed to sudden air change,
Alcohol and carbonated beverage consumption are other common reasons.
It is also common to hold hiccups when coughing. Hiccups that do not pass or repeat very often can be a harbinger of another disease. These diseases are very diverse. Moreover, some are quite serious. Therefore, if you do not pass or suffer from the hiccups that are frequently repeated, consult your doctor.

How does hiccup pass? There are a wide variety of methods to get rid of hiccups.
The first thing that comes to mind is to sip water 7-8 times in a row. Cold water is more effective in this method.
Gargle with cold water is also an option.
Breathing is another method that comes to mind, but often does not give positive results.

Other methods that you can try to get rid of your hiccups are as follows:
Take a small piece of ice in your mouth and make sure.
Breathe with a pouch paper.
Clog your nose and quickly for a glass of water.
Lightly pressure on your palate with your thumb.
Hold your breath by clogging your nose for half a minute.

What is good for hiccups? You can also get help from some food and beverages to get rid of hiccups.
For example, a slice of lemon can be effective. Put the lemon slice in your tongue and sure. You can also try this method by squeezing some lemon on a cube of sugar.
Or you can get help from carbonated drinks. Sometimes burping allows hiccups to disappear.
There is no guarantee that all these methods will work. Unfortunately, what is good for hiccups cannot be mentioned. However, any of the above methods will probably help you get rid of hiccups in a short time. If you complain about stubborn hiccups or hiccup attacks, consult a physician. In such attacks, burping and hiccups can be seen at the same time.

Causes hiccups in newborn babies? Babies are hicked more often than us adults. The reason for this is that air swallows or saturated too much while absorbing and feeding. This is usually normal.
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