Mango oil is a herbal -based oil prepared from the mango fruit or the seeds of the mango fruit and is often used for the skin.
It is light and fragrant.
This oil is often used to reduce the appearance of cellulite, moisturize the skin, alleviate cracks and protect the sun’s harmful effects.
Mango, a naturally oily fruit, is a unique skin moisturizer.
What are the benefits of mango oil to the skin? Mango butter is one of the irritating oils. This feature puts it between oils that can be used for sensitive skin.
But as an exception, it is not the best choice for acne and very fatty skin. Experts do not recommend mango oil and even products containing mango butter to people with intense acne complaints.

What are the benefits of mango oil? It has a certain protective effect from the harmful effects and UV rays of the sun with the salicylic acid and antioxidants.
Anti -bacterial and anti -microbial properties.
It is rich in vitamins C and E. Nourishes the skin and slows down signs of aging.
It can intense dry skin.
Mangoyağı also has various positive effects on general health.
For example, it is among the natural oils that provide a positive effect on eye health and view with its high vitamin A level.

Mango oil can be used for hair care as well as in the skin for hair.
Naturally softens the hair and alleviates the stamps, shedding and dandruff due to dryness of the scalp.

How to Mango Oil? It is possible to prepare solid mango oil in the home environment. This oil can be used both by eaten and skin care applications.
However, the purpose of use will also change the materials to be used in the preparation of the oil!
So you should decide whether you will make a mango butter for your skin or for your skin!
It is practical to make solid mango butter for food. Mango and mashed at 1/1 ratio and the butter at room temperature are simply whisk in the beater.
The mixture must be stored in the refrigerator.
In the oil you will prepare for the skin, some kind of fixed oil and various additional volatile oils may be preferred.
Shea oil is compatible with Mango. In addition, bergamot, patchouli, lemon essential oil can be added.
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