Finger paint is just one of the ways of having a pleasant time for children. Especially in these days when all children are at home, all parents need new recipes at any time!
Finger paint is a product that we can easily find in markets, but its content can contain quite complex and health -harmful components.

Natural finger paints are registered products sold in stores. Therefore, they do not have to write product contents and recipes exactly on the product. Products can be specified as non -toxic substance. However, even in this case, the product should not be thought to be edible and completely natural.
As such, the business falls to the beginning! We will share with you an easy, practical, effortless recipe from renewable materials that do not contain toxic substances! The recipe we will give you will be a recipe prepared with completely edible food. For this reason, even if the children want to succumb to their curiosity and taste these colorful paints, there is no problem! At home finger paint-making finger paint recipes are generally based on flour or corn starch-based. What is mainly done can be considered as cooking flour or corn starch together with water.
However, corn starchs usually contain GMO and have gluten.
We do not need to cook the materials we will use in this recipe. Materials do not contain gluten or not GMO.
Let’s come to the materials!
There are only 2 basic materials we need:
We do not need to buy food coloring from vegetables. We can use the colorful natural nutrients we have for this job.
For example, for a sweet pink red color, beet juice, beet powder or fresh strawberries do our work.
Fresh spinach or powder spirulina can be used for a dark bright green.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] well as a teaspoon of turmeric!

How to paint finger paint? With which products you will apply with which color finger paint, the recipe you will apply will change.
For example, if you want to prepare a green finger paint with spinach, half a cup of spinach and half a cup of drinking water through the blender.
Strain the spinach from the mixer and mix the juice with yogurt.
3-4 tablespoons of spinach juice will be enough to color half a cup of yogurt.
If you want to paint a pink red finger paint with beet powder, your job is even easier.
Mix 1 teaspoon of beet powder with half a cup of yogurt until smooth and here is homemade, edible, toxic -free finger paint!
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