Blue worm oil is a preferred natural oil, especially for skin health.
This fat can be used for a wide range of skin complaints from skin dryness to irritation, cracks, wrinkles and even dulling on the skin.
Latin Name: Tanacetum Annuum
English Name: Blue Tansy
Blue worm grass is close relative with a daisy plant. It adapts well to the Mediterranean climate. The source of its strong effects on the skin is the antioxidant substance called Chamazulene.
How’s the smell?
The smell reminds the daisy. Soil, slightly sweet, relaxing.
Oil; It is obtained from wormy grass (tanacetum vulgare) from blue worm grass, which is a completely different species. These two species are mixed frequently. However, the purpose of the use of these two species is completely different.
What are the benefits of Blue Worm Oil? It can help reduce skin damage, swelling, redness and sensitivity when applied to the skin with the components it contains.
It can even accelerate wound healing naturally.
Blue worm grass is also suitable for the use of oily and acne -prone skin. It has an obstacle to acne formation.
How to Use Blue Worm Oil Oil? This oil is an essential oil. Direct application to the skin is not recommended because it carries the risk of irritation. Before use, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil should be diluted in a carrier oil.
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Another way to dilute and use the oil is to add it to the care products you use daily. Add to facial care creams, serums, skin cleaners or masks. Only 2-3 drops of essential oil will be sufficient.
Blue worm oil will be suitable for daily use while diluted.
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