Theta Healing is a meditation technique and healing method discovered in the mid -nineties. The method is based on a spiritual philosophy.
Basically, it is an approach that is based on the demolition of negative records that we have produced depending on the experiences we have experienced in the past and putting positive codes instead.
All negative beliefs; It should evolve into positive beliefs and unconditional love.
Melancholy, depression, all negative beliefs, negatively fate, fears emerge as a result of our life experiences. The cause of these results is reached in Thea Healing method and the causes are healing.
Thea Healing puts itself in understanding, listening, loveing, accepting itself on its focus. It also requires change when necessary.
[Button Link = “ How to make? According to this healing technique, our brains have 5 basic frequency: gamma, beta, alpha, teta and delta.
During the stage of deep meditation, sleep or hypnosis, the dominant wave is Theta. Theta frequency; It is thought to reduce stress and anxiety, deep relaxation, mental clarity and creativity, and to reduce pain.
During the Thetahealing work, the brain switches to this frequency. Theta is considered a healing state.
Thehealing sessions usually last for half an hour to one and a half hours. This period varies according to the problem and person discussed.
[Button Link = “ In the session process, it is aimed to solve the adverse belief layers and to reach the lowest level. When the lowest belief changes, it is thought that the beliefs that come after that will change as a result. This is called deep digging technique.
Theta Healing miracles are hidden at the end of this digging process.

Theta Healing How to Make at Home? There is no need to go to a seminar to start the Theta Healing. However, if desired, consultants who have received Theta Healing training can also be supported.
To stop past emotional trauma and the healing of the mind is not only something that can be achieved in one session, even in five sessions. Meditation must be done regularly.
Listening to meditation music containing the teta frequencies designed to put the brain into a state of teta is very supportive for Evdetheta Healing experience.
If you don’t like the idea of ​​meditation by sitting traditionally, reaching out with this special music, sitting in the chair can also be preferred. In fact, meditation can be applied while wandering around.
In summary the theatealing is simply a system based on deep meditation. During deep meditation, the teta waves are most commonly seen in the front and middle parts of the brain. This part is related to the brain’s monitoring of other mental functions.
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