Hayit paste is a completely natural paste prepared with the seeds of the Hayit plant and raw honey.
How to make hayıt paste? How to use? The seeds used may be fresh or dried according to the season.
The grains must be completely beaten and should be consistently flour. In this way, no seeds give honey their color and healing.
When preparing hayıt seed paste, neither honey nor seeds should not be exposed to heat and should not go through a cooking process.
If the paste obtained is very dense consistency, a small amount of fresh lemon juice can be added. Lemon juice will open the consistency of paste.
Another important point is the quality of honey used. Honey should be the heat -treated raw honey. If it is completely natural, pine honey, flower honey, hayit honey or other honey can be used. So what are the benefits of no paste?
Hayıt is among the plants considered as feminine in nature. Plants such as peas such as hayıt, flax seeds, mercury, sage, lion claws are also considered feminine.
The characteristic of all these plants is that it contains a small or large amount of estrogen. With its effective structure among these plants, Hayıt grass stands out and is even known as “female plant ..
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/hayit-macunu-360-cc-hayit-tohumu-kuru/ It has a fertility -enhancing effect. It may increase the likelihood of pregnant.
Menstrual regulator. And reduces painful menstrual complaints.
It relieves the feeling of bloating pre -menstruation and pain.
Menopause due to fever stepping, palpitations such as mitigating effect.
It is used as support for ovarian cysts. It also has use to protect from new cyst formation.

How to use Hayıt grass? Hayit seeds can be used in various forms. The most common use is to brew as tea and consume it as a paste. In addition, tincture, lapa for external use, hayit hydrosol, soap and cream can be used in the production of hayit seeds.
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