What are the benefits of fitting oil? Sığla oil is a very special, natural product that has been utilized from Anatolian lands for hundreds of years. This oil is milked in the province of Muğla with special permissions and special methods from the empty tree, which is an endemic, rare tree grown in coastal regions.
The use and history of Sığla extends to ancient Egypt, to Cleopatra. Fatal oil is known as the secret beauty secret of Cleopatra. Fatal oil was also used for mummification.
During the reign of Hippocrates, the fitting oil was prescribed by doctors as medicine and used in treatments.
Sweets tree; Daily tree, Akgünlük Tree, Anatolian Akgünlük Tree, Amber Tree, Investment Tree is also known as the names.
Fatal oil, which is a laborious way from the freshwater tree; It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitis properties.
[Button link = “https://egepazarindan.com/sigla-ygi/ It is often preferred in stomach disorders, asthma and bronchitis. It is used for expectorant purposes and lung disorders.

What are the benefits of fitting oil?: Settle oil also provides solutions in skin diseases such as eczema mushrooms, scabies and eczema. It is used by external application from skin diseases.
Fatal oil cream is also preferred for skin care. It opens skin blemishes, reduces wrinkles. Sagging is the recovery of skin. Fatal oil can be mixed with another natural oil such as coconut oil, such as coconut oil to facilitate its application and application. Fatal cream is a product that you can prepare yourself in this way. Fatal tree oil has a much faster recovery of wounds. It is known that after circumcision, it is also used by the local people for the rapid healing of the circumcision wound. It is applied by mixing with honey and wrapped in the injured area. When applied to the armpits, it is known to reduce sweating and smell of sweat. Daily oil, which is also thought to have a pain relief effect, is also used to relieve rheumatism pain. For rheumatic pains, external application is performed and wrapped in the painful area.
It is preferred for various stomach disorders such as gastritis, ulcers and reflux.

What are the benefits of patency oil?: Falling oil is known to be used and effective in the treatment of bowel hemorrhoids.

What are the benefits of fitting oil?: According to a study conducted by liver liver in the liver, ponderic oil prevents liver damage and shows antioxidant properties.
There are also scientific research showing that it is also in brain paralysis.

What are the benefits of fitting oil?: Sığla oil cancer cancer is known to fight with many types of cancer. There are also scientific studies that show that you reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy for cancer treatment.

Does fitting oil deteriorate? Fatal tree oil is not a product with expiration date and deteriorating. It is a very special substance preferred for mummification because of this feature in ancient corn.
Fatal; It can be used in a jar in a jar, if it is protected from moisture without direct sun, it can be used for many years.

The smell of fitting oil has a unique, intense smell of daily oil. This smell is not a bad smell, some people can be found heavy.

Those who love the unique smell of the daily tree incense of the fake tree may prefer fictitious incense. This incense is obtained as a by -product during the milking of fitting oil from the same tree. It is widely used in different cultures, during meditation and religious rituals. It also has a place in Anatolian culture and Islam. It also has an effect on removing pests, bees and flies in the environment in which it is burned.
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