Tribulus (tribulus terressis) or common name of iron spur; Aphrodisiac effects are a prickly plant that makes a name for itself with its effects on testosterone.
All parts of the plant both above and underground are considered to be suitable for consumption. The plant is fresh or dry; It is used as dust or without grinding. In addition, iron spur capsule supplements are also common.
It is known that the tribulus is used in various sexual disorders, infertility, chest pain, prostate enlargement, kidney complaints, sleep problems and many other reasons.
Studies have shown that Tribulus Terrestris can improve blood sugar control and cholesterol in diabetes.
The positive effects of high -dose intake for erectile dysfunction are supported by data.
Tribulus daily dose now buy [/button ] While studying the effect of lowering potential blood sugar, studies studying libido improved with doses in the range of 250-1.500 mg per day. Studies that foresee dosages according to body weight are numerous. In general, the amount to be taken is considered to be between 3 and 5 grams. It is usually taken by athletes after the anteman. This plant or food supplements produced from this plant are certainly not recommended because of possible side effects of high -doses of high doses.

Tribulus Terrestris Saponin Quantity button] is the component responsible for the positive effects of saponin iron spines on health. The amount of this component is often indicated in reinforcement forms. In supplements, this rate is usually between 45 – 60 %. Supplements with a higher saponin ratio are taken at lower doses. nler-prostat-icin-sam-palmetto/ Is iron spur effective on the number of sperm? According to a study with the Tribulus terrestris extract, this extract has gradually managed to increase the number of mobile spermatozoa in a consistent manner.

Is there any tribulus damage? Stomach cramps and reflux are among the non -common side effects due to the use of the plant. In general, there are no significant side effects due to the use of iron spines. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page. Check out our other blog posts! Wild thyme Inner picker walnut tahin Sesame Paste [/Button] [Button Link =” “Newwindow =” Yes “] Daily Depression [/Button] [Button Link =” Energy-Cleanism/”Newwindow =” Yes “] Energy Cleaning [/Button] [Button Link =” “Color =” Teal “Newwindow =” Yes “] button] Centaury Oil [/Button] [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Sage