Tea tree oil is a fragrant essential oil. It is difficult to obtain. This special oil, which has unique qualities for skin care and hair care, also finds its place in many cosmetic products.
What does tea tree oil do? How to use? This oil, also known as Melaleuca Oil, is most commonly used for rapid intervention in acne, foot mushrooms, lice, nail fungus and insect bites.
This essential oil, which has an effect on acne and acne scars, can help you get a smooth skin. It has a soothing effect of redness, swelling and inflammation due to acne.
Antibacterial, anti -inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It is also a unique skin, hair care oil.
Before skin applications, the skin is cleaned. The oil must apply to clean skin. A direct application can be done on acne. Or it can be used to dilutes in a way that covers the entire skin.
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Is it possible to drink a tea from the tea? No, this oil is definitely not an internal oil. It can only be used externally on skin, hair.
It is toxic if it is swallowed. It may have fatal consequences.
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Tea tree oil is applied directly to the face? The tea tree is an oil that can be applied directly to the skin and hair without diluting, unlike most volatile oils.
However, it is still recommended to use it in all skin applications.
When applied to the skin, it rarely causes reaction in the skin.
Nevertheless, it is recommended that you try this oil on a small area, for example, in a small area before using it directly on your face or in large areas.

How to prepare tea tree oil rose water tonic? The ratio for this mixture is as follows.
10 drops of tea tree essential oil should be added for 250 ml pure rose water.
Additional lavender oil can also be placed in this mixture.
Before each use, the bottle should be swinging once or twice.
It is also possible to prepare a mask by adding clay powder to the tea tree volatile oil and rose water duo. This clay -based mask can be used twice a week.
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How to make tea tree oil at home? Making tea tree essential oil is quite a job. It requires professional equipment and security importance. Therefore, it is very difficult to do at home.
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