Sığla oil is a very special herbal oil for the stomach, for the intestines, for the skin and for various other reasons. The accepted one is pure, not mixed with other vegetable oils.
Fatal oil is not volatile oil. Carrier oils. It is dark, intensely fragrant. The color is ideally dark or open caramel. The tone of caramel varies according to the season in which it is milked.
But the original oil is never white, it is never transparent. Moreover, yellow is not black or pink.
Fatal oil should not be mixed with distillation or daily essential oil obtained by distillation.
Settlement essential oil is a suitable oil for external use. It is transparent in color and the smell is mild. It is suitable for use in incense, diffuser or skin care.
Pure pure fitting oil, which is milked and non -processed from the wake tree, is suitable for external and internal use. It is widely used in skin care, stomach and intestinal complaints.
So how to use fitting oil for the stomach? Usually the oil used as a cure for a certain time is consumed to the hungry stomach. First of all, it has a teaspoon of 1 teaspoon for 20 days in the morning.
After a 20 -day period, it is essential to take a break from use.
If necessary, a 20 -day cure is applied.
The oil is quite intense fragrant. For this reason, if the difficulty is difficult to consume, it is also suitable for consumption by mixing with 1/1 raw honey.
The quality of the honey used is of great importance at this point. It is especially important to prefer unprocessed raw honey.
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What is the good for fitting oil? It is effective in stomach complaints such as reflux, ulcers, gastritis. Support for digestion.
There are studies showing that it can be effective for ulcerative colitis.
It is effective for intestinal disorder and hemorrhoids.
It is also antiseptic. It provides rapid healing of skin wounds. Moreover, it is an alternative method of getting rid of sunspots.

Akgünlük gum is cough cutting and expectorant. Cough and expectorant, chest softening effects are often used to use the gum of the folding tree. This is the resin of the gum tree. It has use by inhalation or swallowing. It is known by various names such as white gum, gum, daily gum, daily resin resin. This gum is a product obtained from the fake tree.
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Fatal oil from Muğla is an endemic tree that grows in Köyceğiz and its surrounding districts. In a very limited area, the tree is largely specific to Muğla.
The milking of the trees is made by competent people with special permissions. There is no milking in every period of the year. The color, consistency and density of the product show small changes according to the season. When the oil is exposed to heat, it becomes more fluid. Tone differences in oil, small black dots are normal. The smell of the oil is quite heavy and this is normal.

How to store fitting oil? It is sufficient to keep the mouth closed at room temperature. If it is stored in the refrigerator, it becomes solid and becomes fluid when it returns to room temperature. There is no need to store in the refrigerator.
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