Is garlic powder healthy? How to use? When we say garlic, we think of delicious recipes. However, of course, garlic is not only a flavor enhancer, but also a food that has numerous health benefit. It is clearly one of the sine qua non of our homes with onions.
A detailed research has revealed that the use of garlic to prevent and treat diseases dates back to 1500 BC.
From Egyptian civilizations to the present day; Respiratory problems, headaches, flu, animal bites, diarrhea and other digestive disorders were used as a means of treatment.
Is it a good idea to use this health warehouse, flavor enhancer, not freshly, but powder?
Is the garlic powder healthy, which is dried, grinded and offers a very practical use in the kitchen?
[Button link = “ The average amount of standard garlic powder used in recipes is ¾ teaspoon. This amount contains about 8 calories and 0.4 g protein.
It also contains certain amounts of calcium, selenium and iron. dried and ground garlic, perhaps the only loss of garlic while the fresh state of the vitamin C vitamin Creating as a result of drying.
However, it is really practical to use the garlic in powder state. This will increase the amount of garlic and various health phases that you will add to your diet on a daily basis.
In addition, it is possible to say that the use of garlic powder has no extra harm to your health.
How to use garlic powder? 1 teaspoon of garlic powder is used for 1 pot. This amount may of course vary according to your taste.
Garlic has a slightly different aroma than fresh garlic while in powder state. Just like fresh tomatoes and dried tomatoes.
But it can be possible with a small trick to reverse this situation:
Leave the amount of garlic powder for your food to the food just before adding the food to a small amount of water for up to 3-4 minutes.
Strain the dust waiting in water for 3-4 minutes and add only the dust to your meal. In this way, dust garlic will be much closer to fresh garlic aroma.
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Garlic dust size is an ideal measure of teaspoons ¾ teaspoon. This amount will coincide with 2-3 teeth fresh garlic.
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