Hunga oil is a natural oil that gives you a little known results, which you can include in your skin care routines.
Except providing extra moisture to dry skin, supporting the smoother of problematic skin; It is also a good choice for those who have complaints such as eczema and atopic dermatitis.
Hunga oil is obtained from a wildflower name of the Latin name, which is also known as Borago Officianalis and is also known as star flowers.
Flowers; It has clear, bright shades of blue flowers.
[Button Link = “ // nerler/ Hodan flower, almost everywhere in the world can grow wildly, spontaneously.
The use of this pleasant looking flower dates back to 1500 years. And in written texts, it is mentioned. In the texts, the leaves of the plant are brewed and consumed like tea.
Nowadays, although the leaves of the hug lose their popularity a little, their flowers and seeds have managed to maintain their value. The most common method of getting the highest yield from the plant is to use the oil.
Hunga flower oil is the richest (24%) source of an essential fatty acid called linolenic acid (GLA).
What is linolenic acid (GLA)? Our body naturally has the ability to produce gamma linolenic acid. However, to do this, it needs linoleic acid (La) as a starting material.
This is an essential fatty acid that our body cannot produce. We need to take it to our body as part of our daily diet.
Fortunately, almost all renewable vegetable oils are widely available.
When linoleic acid is taken to the body, it is used by an enzyme called Delta-6-Desatürk (D6D), which biochemically converts La into GLA.
After the transformed GLA, it is converted to a composition called prostaglandin 1 (PG1), which is the switch molecule to protect healthy skin with a series of biochemical steps.
PG1 exhibits a strong anti -inflammatory effect on the skin.
Regulates water loss.
And it is also very effective in protection of skin injury and damage.

What are the benefits of hump oil to the skin? [Button Link = “ A few studies show that orally taken houd oil increases PG1 levels in the skin and suppresses chronic inflammation.
There are studies showing that skin disorders associated with fatty acid imbalances can be corrected by involvement of houd oil in the diet.

The use of humps oil in infants is widely effective in infants’ mansion ”complaint, characterized by dry flaking and rash in the scalp, eyelids, face, armpits, chest and groin.
A study investigating the use of hough oil for host complaints in infants has shown that I have full healing in regular external external oil use for 2 weeks.

How to Use Hunga Oil? How is it applied to the skin? This oil is an oil that is suitable for use both external and internally when obtained correctly.
Especially for skin complaints, it is used in both ways.
Oil can be diluted in a base oil before applying to the skin. It can be added to daily creams and lotions.
It can also be taken by food by adding to salads daily. Oil should not be exposed to heat.

Is the houd oil applied around the eye? It is also safely applicable to the eye area. It can be preferred for fine lines around the eye, goose feet, under -eye bruises that give a tired appearance.
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