Lemon salt is a natural preservative, sweetener and antioxidant.
What is citric acid? Naturally found in citrus, pineapple, strawberry and cherry, tomato and cheese. Lemon, musket lemon and other citrus fruits have especially high concentrations. White crystal structure.
Citric acid in the food industry; It is used in carbonated beverages, canned tomatoes and tomato sauces, jams and some fruit yogurts. It adds a sour taste to the foods it is used.
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Citric acid, which can be disintegrated at a high rate of biologically, is also an environmentally friendly cleaning agent with lime -soluble properties.
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Is lemon salt harmful? Is it eaten? In general, it is considered a safe and natural additive.
Allergies are rare. Rarely causes symptoms such as sore throat and skin irritation.
People with citric acid allergies in food products often face similar complaints when consuming citrus fruits.
Lemonte has a wide range of uses. It is used for a wide variety of purposes from cleaning at home to jam making, natural skin care routines.

Can lemon salt drink? Although it is used in a small amount for various purposes in foods, it is an appropriate substance to be eaten or alone directly and alone. It can cause throat irritation.
In addition, direct consumption of citric acid in this way does not have a known benefit on human health.
How to make natural lemon salt at home? It is possible to make lemon salt at home. What is necessary for this is lemon and rock salt.
The shells of the lemons are grated and blended with rock salt. This blend is heated for 6 hours at the lowest temperature of the oven.
At the end of the time, the mixture of rock salt and lemon peel is beaten in the mortar to get more mixed.
Preparing this mixture at home is of course more laborious than buying ready. However, the mixture you will get will have a completely natural content. You can safely use this mixture in your meals. It will especially suit fish dishes and cocktails.

Are rock salt and lemon salt the same? Rock salt and lemony are definitely two different materials. And they are used for completely different purposes.
Although cytric acid is called “salt ,, it is essentially an acidic substance, not salt.
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Are screed and lemon salt the same? No is not the same. The formula of screed is potassium aluminum sulfate. And it is a completely different substance than lemon salt.

Where is Citrite acid used for cleaning? Usually used in homes as a natural lime and rust remover. The sink is preferred in the cleaning of the teapot and kettle, in toilets.
It can also be used to open clogged expenses and sinks. It can be placed in the detergent chamber with carbonate and vinegar for cleaning the dishwasher.
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