Quince leaves is an easy accessible miracle. The number of benefits.
It is usually consumed by brewing tea. When consumed together with lemon, ginger and honey, its effectiveness increases.
It contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper and manganese.
What are the benefits of quince leaf? Diarrhea is anti -diarrhea. Supports the digestive system.
The substance called pectin contained in the leaves is regulating blood circulation. Hypertension is thought to be preventive.
It fights mushrooms, bacteria and viruses.
Heart friendly. It is rich in antioxidant.
There are scientific studies that prove that it reduces bad cholesterol.
Good for anemia. It has high iron content.
It has a mitigating effect on colds of colds such as fever, cough and sneezing.
It mitigates nausea -related nausea.
Relaxes reflux.
There are also benefits to the skin. Supports collagen formation. It slows down signs of aging.

What are the damages of quince leaves? Leaves should not be consumed raw.
Consumption is not recommended by people with constipation problems due to its preventive structure.
The use of people using blood pressure medication is not recommended. It is effective on blood pressure.

How to dry fresh quince leaves? When to gather? In which months is it gathered? It is effortless to dry the leaves of the mirror. The leaves should be laid in a shadow place that does not take direct sun. Direct sun -affected the quality and color of the leaves negatively.
Quince is not a tree with 4 seasons green leaves. In winter, trees are completely leafless.
Leaves for the highest efficiency in October and November; It should be collected when the trees begin to fruit in autumn time.

How to hide? Storing cotton pouches or in glass jars allows the leaves to maintain the freshness for a long time.

Is fresh quince leaves effective for coughing? Leaves have cough cutting effect. It is also expectorant.
It is usually consumed by brewing as herbal tea for cough.

Quince leaves vaginal discharge can also be used for the vaginal discharge complaints that women are widely suffered from the quince leaves.
Quince leaf tea can be used regularly for vaginal discharge.
The benefits of quince leaf and linden tea are increased by many times when brewed together.
This super duo is generally preferred against colds, flu, sound, sore throat, cough and menstrual pains.
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