Eğir root is obtained from the plant called Eğir Otu. Not only the root of the plant and the green parts can be used. The plant grows in wetlands.
It is also known as Hazanbel grass and Vacha.
What are the benefits of curly grass? It has an important place in alternative medicine external and internally. It is generally used for pain due to rheumatism and rheumatism.
It is generally preferred in digestive system problems. Gas, abdominal pain, digestion slowness, problems such as anorexia.
Cough, sputum and sore throat, also used in complaints, is used together with salt water for such complaints.
Eğir root is very weak and runs to the help of people who want to gain weight. In order to benefit from the appetizing effect, spinning grass is consumed by brewing as herbal tea.

How to use Eğir root to quit smoking? Plant roots have a structure. It is preferred if it is to be used during the cessation period. These stems are used by chewing in the mouth.
Eğir will reduce the desire to smoke suddenly, which suddenly suppresses the root. Hazanbel root can also be brewed as tea for smoking cessation. The plant can be preferred for tea.

Eğir grass is also effective in getting rid of acne and acne scars! Eğir grass is used externally to get rid of acne and acne scars.
After the plant is dried, it should be powdered.
Mixing the paste is prepared by mixing with water. This paste is applied with the help of a cotton on acne and acne spots.

Hazanbel root and celery seeds are used as a combination of these two bikti prostate problems.
For this very effective cure, seeds and Hazanbel root are boiled together, mixed with honey and consumed like tea.

How to make Eğir Root Stream? 1 teaspoon of spinning root powder and 1 teaspoon of celery seeds will be enough for tea recipe.
Hazanbelli tea can be preferred both as support treatment and to protect the prostate.

What are the root damages? Enemia grass is a very effective, effective plant. If you are going to use this plant, it is recommended that you get support from a specialist and have the appropriate dosage.
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