Trout oil cream is obtained from the trout fish living in both salty and fresh water. The amount of omega 3 contained in this fish is much higher than many fish.
With these valuable oils it contains trout, it is a food that both adults and children should consume.
Likewise, trout oil has high health benefits for adults and children.
What are the benefits of trout oil? It contributes to children’s intelligence development. Supports brain health. It is thought that the fatty acids it contains have a protective function against Alzheimer’s disease. It is known to be used as support in attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.
Thanks to the high omega 3 it contains, it is protective from cardiovascular diseases.
It helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels while raising good cholesterol levels.
Provides support in getting rid of intestinal disorders.
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What are the benefits of hair? It helps to get brighter and more vivid hair and nails. It makes it easier to get rid of the problem of dandruff. And reduces hair loss.
Anti -inflammation.
Supports eye health. It supports protection from age -related eye defects such as yellow spots. nes-dikkat-temmez/ is very effective against rheumatic diseases and pain they cause. It is used in different forms externally and internally against rheumatism.

What does trout oil cream do? How to use? This oil, which is very strong painkillers and muscle relaxant properties, is also used as external. Trout oil cream prepared for this purpose is applied by massaging painful areas.
This cream is generally preferred for waist and regional muscle pain. Those who use trout oil, especially for this purpose, have positive comments about the product.
Trout oil cream is also used for complaints of varicose veins, foot mushrooms and foot odor.

Trout oil cream is applied to the face? Yes, this cream is also used on the skin. It is thought to be effective for various skin complaints. However, it is important to make sure that the product to be used is suitable for use for the face. It is necessary to comply with the recommended amount of use for skin application.
It is a strong moisture provider, especially for dry skin.
It makes the skin look more vivid and bright.
Reduces acne formation with antiinflammatory effect. Provides support for acne treatment.
Reduces complaints due to eczema and psoriasis.
Sinds the skin. Reduces itching on the skin and red appearance.
Reduces cellulite and wrinkle formation.
Trout oil is not suitable for use for sensitive skin. It can cause various allergic reactions. The most common complaint is a strong burning sensation that occurs shortly after using cream.

Does trout oil burn cream? The feeling of burning is normal when using trout oil. The cream shows its function by heating the applied area.
However, this feeling should not be more than a mild burning sensation when using menthol pain creams.

Trout oil cream burning sensation
How does trout oil cream burn?
Burning sensation is the most common complaint when using this cream. In addition, complaints such as itching, rash and redness may be observed.
In such cases, it is necessary to stop using the cream.
To avoid possible side effects, it will be wise to experiment in a small area before you start using the cream in large areas in your body.
Especially before you start using the cream in the face area, it is necessary to be more cautious.
If the burning sensation is too much, the cream should be cleaned quickly with the help of water and soap from the skin. nasil- nerler/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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