Jalapeno Pepper Pickle is an easy -to -make, delicious hot pepper pickle that suits every dish.
Mexico is the motherland of Jalapeno pepper. Therefore, it is also referred to as Mexican pepper. However, in our Aegean region, in medium -high altitude regions, it is also taken with high efficiency. So much so that the peppers are also exported outside the country.
Jalapeno pepper is painful? Jalapeno is not excessive but is a bitter pepper. Usually consumed with seeds. The seeds are more painful than the meat parts.
Jalapeno can also be consumed freshly, but usually consumption is preferred by pickling. It is also possible to prepare great hamburger or sandwich sauces with Jalapeno.
Simple but very tasty sauces can be prepared by roasting Jalapeno sauce with jalapeno peppers and mixing with garlic and soy sauce.
Jalapeno is also a good duo with yogurt. Roasted peppers are mixed with yogurt and served as appetizers in restaurants.
Where is Jalapeno Sos used? Jalapeno sauce can be used in pastas, burgers, sandwiches, together with meat and chicken dishes. Pickles suit almost every dish. Bulgur pilaf is in a unique harmony with Kokoreç.

What are Jalapeno Pepper Pickle Benefits? Jalapeno pepper has dense B12 and magnesium content.
It has a mobilizing effect on metabolism.
It strengthens immunity and is preventive infection.
Prebiotic Jalapeno Pepper Pickle Recipe We will share a very easy, practical recipe with you. What you need for this recipe is just:
Jalapeno pepper
Drinking water
Rock salt.
Preparation of
The peppers are washed well and after the stems are cut, they are thinly sliced. If any, the wounded and crushed parts of the peppers should be cleaned.
Sliced ​​peppers are tightly placed in glass jars.
The hygiene of the jars used is very important. The caps to be used should be new and used for the first time. Otherwise, your pickle is very likely to see mold.
It is appropriate to prepare the water of your pickle with a 2.5 tablespoon of rock salt for 1 liter of water.
On the peppers, fill the water you prepared. All peppers should remain under the water.
You can use a small glass or stone to keep the peppers under the water and not to mold.
Adding 3-4 bay leaves on the top keeps the peppers under the water, prevents molds and makes it a more crispy pickle.
After adding all the ingredients, close your jars firmly and store them in a cabinet that does not take direct sun.
Occasionally open the lids and remove the accumulated gas.
Your Jalapeno Pepper Pickle will be ready for 15 days. This time may be shortened depending on the air temperature. If the weather is too hot, the time is shortened. Enjoy your meal.
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