Lactose ratio is an important issue that gives us information about the amount of milk sugar found naturally in milk and dairy products.
What is lactose? The first theme of all people with lactose occurs with breast milk. The proportion of lactose contained in breast milk is quite high compared to animal milk.
Breast milk – 7.1 %
Cow’s milk – 4.6 %
Goat’s milk – contains 4 %lactose.

What is lactose intolerance? Lactose is difficult to digest in the body. The enzyme called lactase in our body is responsible for this. However, in people with lactose intolerance, the body cannot digest and disintegrate lactose. In other words, lactase enzymes cannot do their duty. In this case, it causes a wide range of complaints.
The number of people with intolerance is much higher than predicted in society.
So much so that experts estimate that approximately 75 %of the world’s population is intolerance against lactose. Moreover, this rate is even higher in some continents.
The level of intolerance varies from person to person. In other words, some people can digest lactose at low rates, while others cannot tolerate even a small amount of milk or dairy products in their body.
As a result, this causes the most common digestive complaints. Diarrhea, stomach pain, pain is the most common complaints due to intolerance.
Lactose intolerance is caused by a decrease in lactase production in the body, which makes it difficult to absorb the lactos properly.
Intolerance can be congenital or develop later. Lactose intolerance is also a common problem especially in infants.

What are the symptoms of lactose intolerance? Swelling in the stomach
Nausea and vomiting
Stomach pain and abdominal pain
Low back pain diarrhea
Anorexia are constipation -related complaints. Symptoms in infants are similar.
The severity of the complaints varies depending on the amount of dairy products consumed, and the extent to which the person’s body can tolerate lactose.

What should those with lactose intolerance not eat?
What are the foods containing lactose?
All dairy products contain lactos. However, the amount of lactose varies from product to product. Especially in natural fermentation foods, the ratio is lower.
Which dairy products are low in lactose?
Foods containing the highest rate of lactose milk
The highest rate of lactose contains milk. Moreover, milk is the main source of lactose.
Full -fat milk contains approximately 13 grams of lactose per 1 cup portion, while lean milk has a lactose content of 12 to 13 grams.
Milk cream
Packed products such as milk cream and ice cream, custard, sweet yogurt, which are used, contain high rates of lactose and the body difficult to digest these foods.
Lactose ratio low dairy products cheese
The ratio of lactose contained in cheese varies very much according to the type.
Hard and aged cheeses are the lowest ratio. Especially the lactose level of rested cheeses over 3 years is quite low.
Old cheddar, parmesan and aged era are cheese containing low rates of lactose.
Runable cheeses, cream cheese, mozzarella and very soft fresh cheeses contain the highest rate of lactose. Cheese snacks also have a high level of lactose.
In addition, the lactose rate of cheeses prepared with goat and sheep milk in general is slightly lower than those prepared with cow’s milk.
Which dairy products are low in lactose? Butter
Butter is a dairy product containing moderate lactose. However, it is among the simple oil products made of milk or Ghee with low lactose levels.
Yogurt has a lower level of lactose compared to the milk, as lactose is partially broken during its construction. Especially homemade yogurt is one of the low dairy products.

In summary, low lactose ratio, dairy products are: aged and hard cheeses, especially traditional mold cheeses
Cottage cheese -Lor is not cheese-
Kefir especially homemade kefir
Plain oil or ghee
Probiotic house yogurt
Dark chocolate

Is lactose animal? Is lactose found in plants? Lixtose is a completely animal -based sugar. In other words, it is not herbal and lactose is never present in vegetable products, vegetables and fruits. For example, plant -based milk such as almond milk and soy milk does not have lactose.
Moreover, other animal foods other than milk and dairy products do not contain lactose. For example, eggs, red meat and chicken meat are completely lactose -free products.
Is lactose harmful? According to experts, even for people who do not have intolerance, too much lactose food consumption is inconvenient and moreover, there is a bond between hypertension and various types of cancer and excessive lactose consumption.
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