Men’s onions; Onion zibe, onion, sibek, dwarf, galik, fış, sausage, grandfather, tatar, fış, jeep, boq, boq, egrrupping, onion, onion men, hürmek, onion circumcision, such as a wide variety of fresh onions referred to with a wide range of blooming and blooming The handle parts are first.
It grows in almost every region in our country. Is the male onion eaten? Yes, with pleasure!
Zibek is suitable for use in every meal where fresh or onion is used.
The aroma of these parts is lighter than fresh onion, there is no sharp and onion aroma. It is slightly sweet.

Onion zibetir recipes are different, local recipes using onion dwarf.
The most widely chopped and broken eggs on it is consumed on breakfast tables. Sweiled with plenty of chili peppers.
The onions are finely chopped and cooked in milk. When the milk draws a little, the stove is closed. Bread in milk with plenty of bread is eaten to me with pleasure. This tariff can also be added bulgur.
Since it is not very dense flavored like fresh onions, the meal is served with them. Onion zibeklarını are chopped to the ring and roasted with little salt and plenty of chili peppers in butter. Besides meat dishes, he becomes a great accompanying.
Tomato bulgur pilaf, mücvere, pastries, observations are added little by little. It adds flavor to the flavor of the food.

Men’s onion roasting is widely used in Aegean cuisine together with asparagus or wild asparagus. It is enough to turn together for 4-5 minutes in the pan without roasting together.
It is also known that it is roasted together with curd cheese specially for İzmir cuisine.
In the Black Sea cuisine, the recipes in which dwarfs are fried and served are common. It is usually prepared with potatoes.

There are also recipes that are worthy of banquet tables that require the mastery of men’s onions. Zibeli Capricorn stew is only one of them. Boned capricorn meat and finely cut fresh onion zibews are used.
It is not necessary to consume the onion zibe by cooking. It can also be eaten freshly crispy. Salads are particularly worthy of lettuce and arugula salads. It is necessary to add tomatoes to the salad entering the onion dwarf.
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